Optical effect: a television host went on the air “without legs” and revolutionized the networks

The host of the BBC news, Emily Maitlis, appeared on the broadcast of the program “without legs” as a result of an effect produced by lighting Credit: Daily Mail

A peculiar video went viral in the last hours. The British news anchor Newsnight (BBC), Emily Maitlis, surprised viewers because it could be seen through the screen presenting the news “no legs”.

What happened was that Maitlis wore a white dress and black stockings tight, like the shoes, which were also dark, but due to a effect on lighting of the study, for a moment it seemed that the driver’s legs disappeared.

The error is believed to have happened because the camera that focused on the driver of the BBC could not catch the color of her stockings, which were very similar to the dark background of the studio, and everything faded.

The mishap lasted a few seconds and after noticing the problem, the driver moved to an area of ​​the studio that had different lighting and the driver’s legs could be seen again without problems.

However, the image surprised viewers, who quickly took to social networks to comment on the striking scene and they shared the video along with funny comments about the mysterious “fading” of Maitlis’s legs.

“It seems brought from a virtual reality”commented a user of social networks, astonished by the situation, while another said: “She was arrested for not having legs in a level two area.”

For his part, actor David Schneider used his Twitter account to share a video of the episode, which obtained more than 500,000 views, and joked: “As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough already, Emily Maitlis has had her legs stolen“.

Even Maitlis herself was surprised for that kind of optical illusion and joked about it. “Now I work from home with my own hologram. Perfect for quarantine.”, the BBC host said ironic.



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