Organizations Distribute Free Food Due to Shortage Due to Winter Storm in Austin | Video | Univision 62 Austin KAKW

carime: good afternoon, there it is,like her, they arrived inforaging for food, this helpsit was just in time.very grateful with all thishelp, we had five days withoutnothing at home.carime: various organizations, in collaboration with the bankof food, participated infour similar events,walking or by car,they came desperate lookingof help.they gave me an order for herand it’s a relief.carime: the history betweenresidents, is the same.people fought, I gotto cry seeing all thissituation.carime: the demand was solarge, which forcedauthorities to bring to aid.we know that there are people who alreadyI was without food by thepandemic, and now, there is morethat has no water, that has nothad light and also addsthis situation that we are

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