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Emirler geothermal plant by Ormat Technologies (source: company)

In October 2020, Ormat Technologies commissioned three geothermal power plants for its customers in Turkey. With three additional plants under construction, Ormat today represents around 50% of the total installed geothermal capacity in the country.

The month of October has seen another milestone in Turkey, a country that, like no other, has seen tremendous growth in its geothermal power generation capacity. Upon breaking into the 1 GW club in 2017, Turkey continues to experience unprecedented growth despite current market challenges and has now reached a total installed geothermal power generation capacity of 1,606 MW ranking No. 4 in the world of major geothermal countries.

Ormat Technology has played an important role in the development of the Turkish geothermal market. Last month, the company commissioned three geothermal power plants that it supplied to clients in the country. Among the plants are the 3.5 MWe Emirler geothermal power plant, a new business for its owner Halil Pekdemir and the Maren 20 MWe Nezihe Beren geothermal power plant.

The Emirler geothermal plant was built for Pekdemir’s business. The company is active in the agricultural market, growing and distributing agricultural products to supermarkets. They also have their own chain of supermarkets. The company is a large owner of agricultural land in and around Denizli.

Several years ago, Mr. Pekdemir found geothermal resources on his land. First, he used it to heat and grow part of his greenhouse. But with the discovery of a stronger resource at Emirler, the company chose Ormat Technologies to explore how it could develop the resource for power generation. In early December 2019, Pekdemir and Ormat signed a contract for the delivery of a first unit of 3.5 MWe capacity.

So Gad Shoshan, International Sales and Marketing Director at Ormat Technologies, said “We are very proud that, with the full support of the Pekdemir team, led by Sinan Akbay, we were able to deliver and install the first unit in a record time of less than 11 months. Now we are planning the continuation: Emirler JES 2 and other areas in the future ”.

The second plant that was built by Ormat and started operating successfully in October 2020 is the 20 MWe Nezihe Beren Geothermal Power Plant, another geothermal power plant from Maren, one of the Kipas Holding companies. The Maren group signed the contract for its first geothermal power plant in the Germencik area with Ormat in February 2010. The Irem geothermal plant began operating in 2011 with an installed capacity of 20 MW.

Ormat signed the contract with Maren for the delivery of the Nezihe Beren geothermal plant in June 2019. The plant started operations in October 2020. The plant is Maren’s seventh geothermal power plant and with Ken Kipas 1 & 3 and the Kiper 1 geothermal power plant the Kipas Holding group has. Now 10 power plants. With a total nominal gross capacity of 197 MW.

With the delivery of these plants, the total number of geothermal power plants delivered by Ormat to Turkish customers reaches 40 with 3 additional plants currently under construction.

According to our data, Ormat Technologies’ share of geothermal power generation capacity delivered in Turkey is over 50% with a total of around 801 MWe delivered so far. With the three additional plants under construction, the company adds an additional 92 MW.

Source: company statement / ThinkGeoEnergy


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