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All nominees and guests must undergo a minimum of two PCR performed by the Academy provider and a total of three tests in the week leading up to the Oscars.

On April 25, the Oscars 2021 will be celebrated in a gala that, despite the pandemic, will take place in person. The 93rd edition of the awards will feature two stages in the United States, the Dolby Theater and the Los Angeles Union bus station, as well as possible venues in Europe, specifically in London and Paris.

The Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is doing its best to meet the nominees in person and that is why it has announced that candidates will be able to travel to the United States as essential workers.

“Those involved in the production of the Oscars, the nominees and their guests, are eligible for the exemption for the purpose of essential work and are therefore allowed to travel to and from the testing center, rehearsals and activities organized by the Academy during the period prior to the production of the Oscars, including, of course, the awards ceremony “, reads a text collected by Variety. “The organizers of the Oscars are implementing a mandatory quarantine to minimize the risk of each person who attends the event,” added the statement.

Depending on the risk involved in the participation of each attendee, the arrival dates to Los Angeles County will vary, with a maximum of April 20 for domestic and international travelers coming from low-risk countries, and April 17 for international travelers flying from high-risk territories.

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“If you are traveling to Los Angeles County from outside of California, you must self-quarantine for 10 days after arrival, and you cannot interact with anyone during those 10 days except the people in your household, that is, the people with whom you it lives. If you travel to Los Angeles County only for essential work purposes, you must still quarantine yourself (when you are not working) for 10 days and cannot interact with people other than those necessary to perform your essential work, ”the Academy warns.

Quarantine and PCR testing

All nominees and guests must undergo a minimum of two PCR performed by the Academy provider and a total of three tests in the week leading up to the Oscars. The Academy wanted to explain the procedure to the attendees with an example: Someone flying from London can arrive at the latest on April 20, so a first PCR would have to be done on the 19th, another on the 22nd by mail and a third on the 25th at the JW Marriott hotel.

To make things even easier, the institution’s statement includes a list of nominees and guests, indicating their particular travel conditions. In addition, all nominees and their companions will have to present a travel plan that must be approved by the Academy and that they can submit until April 8. Attendees will receive a response by April 12 and all information will be reviewed by the Oscars’ COVID-19 consultant, Dr. Erin Bromage.

Jesse Collins, Stacey Sher and Steven Soderbergh are the producers of the atypical ceremony and have spent months working on a face-to-face celebration, avoiding by all means the interventions through Zoom. Attendees will have to wear a mask at all times and, as previously revealed, the additional cost for candidates for having to be quarantined in Los Angeles will be covered by Academy partners such as “airlines and hotels.”

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“We have turned it into a kind of cocktail. The nominees will rotate throughout the night so that we do not exceed the limit. There will be red on the ground when they pass through Union Station, ”Soderbergh explained. If, despite all the facilities, the stars cannot travel and attend, then they will be able to enter the ceremony by Zoom. “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that,” Soderbergh said about it.

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