Overwatch 2 classes will feature, among other changes, new passive abilities

In an attempt to bring more diversity to the game format, Blizzard has revealed during its BlizzConline online event that it will bet on introducing small passive skills in each class of ‘Overwatch 2‘. The three main “roles” of the playful formula (attack, tank and support) will receive minor modifications aimed at helping the player to solve adverse situations in combat, adding, in addition, an extra layer of depth and strategy to the planning of the attack and the defense of each team. For example, attackers with less armor will be more agile since a movement bonus will be applied to them. In contrast, tanks, due to their size, will be less sensitive to impulse hits and will receive new offensive elements.

The development team aims for frontline fighters to be able to establish themselves as more dynamic elements and not simply as the shields of their teammates. Reinhardt, without going any further, will be added two Fire Projectiles whose charge can be canceled. This will give the character a much more aggressive character than in the past. Or rather, in relation to its current counterpart.

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