Overwatch 2: everything we know so far

It was thought that Overwatch 2 It was going to arrive in 2020, but the year passed and the sequel is conspicuous by its absence. The game was announced by Blizzard in 2019 at the BlizzCon event and since then some details of the game, some pieces of map art and even allowed some streamers test the game.

While we don’t have any specific details on pre-sales yet, overall there is a good handful of information on the game and more details will be released in February 2021, in the middle of the BlizzConline event. Meanwhile, this is all we know about Overwatch 2.

The gameplay trailer

Before getting into the hard data, the first thing is to see the announcement trailer that covers some elements of the story, the cooperative and even introduces a new playable character.

Overwatch 2 is logically a sequel to the 2015 game. But it is not a new game entirely, but rather a gigantic expansion of Overwatch. You won’t need to have the base game to play the sequel, but players of both versions will be able to play each other.

We can say that Overwatch 2 Expand the game universe with new PvE (player versus environment) modes. But a kind of story mode will also be added – there are no further details about it – which will be exclusive to the second part, while all the rest of the content will be shared between both titles. New characters, maps and competitive modes are coming to the first Overwatch and the players of the two versions will be able to be mixed in the games.

There are still many questions regarding how this works, also taking into account that it is expected that Overwatch 2 I arrived with an important graphic jump. But so far, from Blizzard they have not given further details.

Release date

Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 during the opening ceremony of BlizzCon 2019. And while new content was shown, the director of the game – Jeff Kaplan – warned that he had “no idea” about the release date. At the time, Kaplan said there was no tentative date for the company yet and that appears to still be in effect.

However, the official account of Twitter de PlayStation Brasil maybe it could have leaked something. In a tweet which would later be eliminated, it was indicated that Overwatch 2 would arrive on PS4 in 2020. That did not happen and the truth is that it was not surprising, because in 2020 a few video games were affected in their development due to the pandemic.

Now, the spotlight is on BlizzConline 2021, which kicks off on February 19. Of course, it is possible that in that event I did not know a release date, but the jeff kaplan promise is to deliver new game details by then.


Although few people have been able to prove Overwatch 2, some lucky ones like him youtuber ohnickel has been streaming the game for about two hours since BlizzCon 2019. And yes, the game looks great, but this is not really a surprise because the first game already had a very good staging. Also, it’s nice to see the game running for real.

Multiplayer: crossover play, prize boxes and new modes

The competitive multiplayer of Overwatch 2 it’s going to be an extension of what was seen in the game. When playing online, the players of the two games will be within the same ecosystem, regardless of the version they have. Blizzard’s idea is to add new content to Overwatch and thus have a centralized system, for all players.

We don’t know how this is going to work, we do. An external account may be required, although that may be a bit disruptive depending on maintaining the existing ecosystem. We know that those who have both versions of the game will be able to play all mixed, but we do not know if players on different platforms will be able to play together.

This centralized system could also affect cosmetic content. All that content will be transferred to Overwatch 2 And while Blizzard hasn’t released new characters for the base game in a while, the cosmetics continue to be updated with new parts. And even, it is already known that all the objects obtained in prize boxes will be transferred to Overwatch 2.

The first game has been at the center of controversy regarding prize boxes, although these may not return in the sequel. In an interview with PCGamesN, Jeff Kaplan indicated that they have made many changes to the way the prize boxes work, so they are open to trying new ideas. “In terms of the business model, we are exploring some options to move away from the prize boxes,” explained the game director and even the possibility of a season pass was mentioned.

Overwatch 2 will come with new multiplayer modes, although so far we only know of one called Push. In Pish, two teams will each have a robot pushing a barrier to the other side of the map; as the game progresses, that barrier will advance or recede. Push sounds like a variation of Escort mode, with the difference that both teams will have a load to protect, which opens up new possibilities for this mode.

Individual campaign and PvE

In Overwatch 2 there will be new maps and game modes. So far, we’ve seen one of each in motion, plus some photos from other maps; In the photos above, you can see conceptual designs of the maps of Rio, Toronto and Monte Carlo, locations that will also reach the first Overwatch.

The only thing that will not be added to the previous game will be the PvE type modes, player versus environment, which will be separated into two types of missions: Story and Hero.


These missions will essentially be a story and cooperative mode for Overwatch 2. Players will be able to choose any of the available heroes to defeat Null Sector and although we still do not know much about this mode, we do know that it will be possible to collect new objects as you progress and that they will not be specific to each hero but can be use with anyone, but they will not stick when going from one mission to another.


Hero Mode will be a persistent, PvE-style cooperative environment, with missions designed to be constantly replayed. The main thing in this mode will be the progression of the character, since as missions are completed, experience will be gained for the character and with this modifiers for skills can be unlocked. Taking into account that Blizzard protects the competitive from Overwatch, the safest thing is that the experience and improvements obtained for the characters will be exclusively for this game mode.


So far, no pre-sales for the game have been opened except at the GameStop store in Germany, which has the game in its catalog at a price of around $ 86. Anyway, the safest thing is that this is not the final price but something closer to the traditional: $ 60 or $ 70 dollars.

In any case, more information about it will be on BlizzCOnline and if a release date is given, presales will surely open in most stores at the same time.

Overwatch heroes in Overwatch 2

Blizzard has already confirmed that all the heroes of the first game will be present in Overwatch 2. In both the initial announcement and subsequent interviews, Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that characters will not be removed but rather new ones will be added. What is more likely is that adjustments will be made to the balance of the cast, but nothing more.

Downloadable content

Assume that Overwatch 2 will have downloadable content is to play it safe. The first game also had expansions of various types – heroes and cosmetics – the most common way to monetize games based on cooperative or competitive play. And in Overwatch 2 only cosmetics will be sold, while expansions such as map packs will be free.

The first Overwatch has continued to receive updates with new content, even four years after its release. The normal thing would then be that in Overwatch 2 the situation is similar.

What platforms will Overwatch 2 reach?

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Blizzard has not announced the platforms for the sequel, but we can make some assumptions based on the fact that it will arrive on PC.

The first game came to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and according to the tweet removed from PS Brazil, the second was going to be on PS4 as well. But with new consoles on the street, there is a chance that it will also reach PS5 and Xbox Series X, in addition to the old-generation consoles that will continue to receive new titles at least throughout this year.

And a version for Nintendo Switch? The first game already exists on that console with certain visual cuts, but with all the existing content. maybe Overwatch 2 It is a good product for the theoretical new revision of the console, although for now this is all speculation.

A new hero: Sojourn

Those who know the lore of Overwatch, they’ll agree that Sojourn would be a very natural addition to the sequel. Sojourn has appeared in various cutscenes from the first game and its existence dates back to before the release of Overwatch in 2016. Michael Chu, the lead writer of Overwatch 2, indicated to official PlayStation blog that the heroine “is going to be very important to the events that occur in the game,” although nothing is yet known about her abilities and mechanics.

What is clear is that she will be a more offensive hero, since instead of arms she has two great weapons. One of the weapons is an assault rifle, as seen in the trailer, but the other is still a mystery although it could very well be a shotgun or a grenade launcher. What we do know is that he is Canadian, so surely his story missions will occur on the Toronto map.

Character redesign

And finally, some existing characters will get a little face lift. For example, Reinhardt no longer has a helmet, while Mercy has a new hairstyle. So far, we know that Tracer, Mercy, Lucio, Reinhardt, Genji, Mei, and Winston have been redesigned. And it seems that all, or the vast majority of heroes, will have some kind of visual update.

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