Overwatch: Blizzard details Tracer’s story in new comic

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Blizzard built over the years the lore of Overwatch and its different heroes. One of the most recognized is undoubtedly Tracer, one of the most important figures during the game’s premiere and, who currently still has a central role in the history of team shooter.

The company has told us part of the history of the heroine on several occasions, but now it wants fans of the game to know in greater detail everything related to the origins of Tracer.

For this reason, he recently released a new comic in the series Tracer: London is calling you, which precisely focuses on the character and explains how she came to be the heroine that everyone knows. The good news is that there are 2 comics focused on her and they can be read online for free.

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Learn about Tracer’s history from Overwatch in new comics

Tracer began his journey as a test pilot for a novel teleporter fighter plane. After suffering an accident, she decided to train to become an Overwatch agent. This is how he joined Mercy, Torbjörn and Reinhardt on their first mission: to stop a revolt in London.

Tracer: London is calling you tells us more about what happened to the heroine after the disbandment of Overwatch and the Omnic Crisis. The comics chronicle some of Tracer’s adventures, his encounter with Iggy, and other interesting details from his life.

Blizzard and Dark Horse comics are available in this link. There you will find the 2 deliveries of Plot: London and other publications focused on different shooter heroes. The good news is that they are available in Spanish and you can download them.

Blizzard added that Tracer was the first heroine created for Overwatch, and that emerged from the prototype of the Jumper class of his canceled project Titan. It was with the shooter that he decided to take up part of his work, but create heroes full of personality and a deep story.

Thus, from the vestiges of the Jumper class emerged the first heroine of Overwatch. It was no longer considered something; she had become someone. He had transformed into Tracer, the embodiment of hope and optimism in the futuristic world of Overwatch”The study noted.

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Overwatch is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. Search this link for all the news related to the title.


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