Overwatch: How to Unlock the Hanzo Kyōgisha Skin

With the arrival of a new scenario in Overwatch, Blizzard kicked off the new challenge with the grand prize of a free skin.

After a few weeks of waiting, Kanezaka reached the official Overwatch server. The Japanese setting will not only make solo and team Deathmatches more attractive, it will also reward the main Hanzo.

As is customary, Blizzard Entertainment public a new challenge. The mechanics remain the same: with nine games won, players will get the skin Hanzo Kyōgisha. It is not limited to a specific game mode, much less does it have to be solely alone or with friends. The challenges remain flexible and easy to complete.

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Blizzard kept up the challenges for watching streams on Twitch. These only require link BattleNet account and enter the Overwatch category. Although there will be no skins or boxes in this case, only limited sprays for the collection.

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Specifically, the rewards for winning nine games are as follows:

  • Three wins: Pagoda icon.
  • Six wins: spray Yōkai.
  • Nine wins: skin limitada Hanzo Kyōgisha.

Regarding the rewards for watching streams on Twitch, we have:

  • Two hours seen: Shrine spray.
  • Four hours seen: Ceramic sprays and Tato leaves.
  • Six hours seen: The dragon consumes sprays, Bath time and Atrapamari.

The complete package of sprays. Via Blizzard.

Hanzo’s new challenge will have a valid from 12 to 25 January 2021. As is often the case with these types of events, once they are finished it is unlikely to get the rewards. So if you are a Hanzo enthusiast, we recommend connecting to Overwatch and winning those nine games.

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