Overwatch publishes new lore of the Shimada and Kanezaka Clan Will a new hero arrive before OW 2?

Overwatch the hero shooter of Blizzard Entertainment It is in a process of change, since as announced in the last Blizzcon, its sequel will change things and add a large amount of content, including a story mode.

While things seemed a bit stagnant over the past year with the game of Blizzard, not long ago it was confirmed to us Kanezaka, a new map for the Arcade modes of Overwatch, which is available on its test server.

According to the developers there is a lot of lore related to Overwatch 2 in it, where some have theorized that there will be a hero related to this new map, as are most of the game maps.

Recently the official page of Overwatch, has released a carta dirigida a Toshiro Yamagami, where his wife tells him some things that are happening in Kanezaka at the foot of the castle Shimada.

In the narration we see that Kashiko, is a swordsman who previously served the Shimada before they dissolved and tells us how a war between the Hashimoto clan and some rebels who have been stealing their contraband is about to begin.

These types of narratives are common in Overwatch, but normally they were reserved for new heroes, and while, we think it is to give us context about the new map of the game, some think that it is possible that Kashiko rises as a new heroine and that this is part of the Teasers that Blizzard uses .

Then we leave you with the long story of Kashiko to her husband Toshiro in Spanish translated por AlterTime:

Haikei, Toshiro, amado esposo:

The cherry blossoms bloom gloriously after a mild winter, with soft pink clouds against the green trees on the hillside. The season brings me back to the winter day when the Hashimoto took you away from us, when snowflakes fell like petals do now.

It is strange that we are so close, but we can visit you only when our current “teachers” wish. I hope they value your work enough to join us soon. Our daughter appreciated your recent gift, although I pray that the blades she forges for the Hashimoto are not so sharp, that what she creates for them is only equal to their sordid selves.

Filos Yamagami’s forge remains locked, and since we last saw you in the fall, we have moved to the upper level. It helps us feel close to you in many ways. In other ways, I feel your absence even more intensely. In this place the musical hammering of hot tamahagane and the song of steel are missing. So is your own voice, your song to the sword as you grazed it with yakibatsuchi, and the crackle of the fire as the blade struck the forge and the hiss when it cooled in the water. Sometimes I think I hear you there, but it’s always just the wind.

But I will not stay here. Well, since winter leads to spring, let me write a letter of lightness: a warm breeze that carries drifting flowers. Perhaps it will give us both some peace, even as I swing my sword to prevent the peace here from being completely broken.

Many things remain unchanged, of course, in these eight years since your last trip home. You will no doubt be pleased to know that Ichiko refuses to change the family recipe at Gozan Ramen, and that the black garlic oil is as delicious as ever. Today was full of people, as many have come to celebrate the cherry blossoms. Yui’s dog, Mochi, is in his early years, but his likeness still revolves on the pottery school sign. Most of our favorite places are kept alive by tourists who delight in visiting quaint old towns like ours. They eat ice cream at the cats cafe and burn their yen in the game room or the new mall you haven’t seen yet. Then, happy with their memories, these daytime visitors return to the train before dark, when the lanterns come to life and the Hashimoto bangs on closed shop doors, taking his “share” of what is earned from the work of others and channeling it. even his best through the aptly named Tora no Sumika.

Shimada Castle still stands atop its place of glory, overlooking our city like a stalwart stone temple awaiting a benevolent deity. You and I know quite well, the two of us who do and wield the sword, that although their castle was made of strong stone, the Shimada were not gods, but people, and criminals as well. But the Shimada understood that honor and loyalty forge the strongest bond between ruler and ruled.

Lately, the Shimada have consumed my idle thoughts. They asked a lot from those who followed them, but they inspired us to give it to them. And in return, the Shimada clan led with integrity and treated us with respect. As you know, my mother and hers before her had the honor of guarding the fox sanctuary away from the clamor of the city. But when it became clear that my soul yearned for the sword and I excelled at kenjutsu, the Shimada chose me above all others as their sword master. They knew that Kanezaka was not only the seat of their power, it was their home … and ours as well.

But where the Shimada gave, the Hashimoto took away. After all, when you have many homes, you have none, and the Hashimoto clan attacks almost every city in this nation. We are nothing special to them; one day they will dry us out and move on, leaving us empty and broken. Even now, some twelve years later, I see the mark they have left on our city.

I regret that although the old part of Kanezaka has apparently not changed, it has suffered under the cruel hand of the Hashimoto. Our view of the motherly mountain now encompasses the prominence and arrogance of skyscrapers and neon, not the warm comfort of wood, wind, and stone as before.

I place myself, as Kanezaka himself does, between the old ways of the mountain and the Shimada and the new, sharp and harsh ways of the city and the Hashimoto. We both know that the Hashimoto have you in their “care” not only for your abilities, but also to keep me in my place, to make sure that I do not waver in your charge of keeping the peace in this city, among these people whom I respect very much. . I will obey our current masters, because doing anything else will put you and our friends in danger.

I was hoping the Hashimoto’s would get lazy in time. Let them see that we are an honest people who do not need to oppress.

Not even the most faithful dog could take a beating without biting, and the people of Kanezaka have big hearts. We are exhausted. The demands on the population are increasing and the spirits are increasing. Late payments ?? they face more vicious abuse. And now someone has given the Hashimoto more reason to be angry.

In recent months, the Hashimoto’s contraband shipments have disappeared. His men have been beaten or assaulted when returning from their rounds. Perhaps most audacious of all, messages painted in bright, eye-catching colors have begun to appear, though they are quickly repainted and clogged.

Those idiots are not subtly attacking the Hashimoto, and their actions are becoming well known. These vigilantes plan to rebel with force against a tide of violence. Instead, they attack fast and hide faster while the good people of Kanezaka remain penitent. And so my job – keeping our own people, our friends, submissive – has become more delicate and vital with each passing day. There are times when I can hardly believe the world I walk in now: You, doing beautiful work for unworthy pigs. I, who trained Sojiro Shimada’s offspring, was forced to wield my master’s sword against mine. The children of this city, growing to adulthood with only the brutal and thoughtless Hashimoto clan to determine what is good or bad … and our daughter among them. Everything is dangerous in this city.

Today I will walk through Kanezaka not only to imagine you walking by my side or to greet our neighbors. I have made an offering to take to the Tetsuzan Shrine of my ancestors: a bowl covered with bright teal yuyaku from the pottery school, into which Ichiko has poured some dashi. A rice ball from our neighbor. From Kenta, a slice of red bean mochi, our daughter’s favorite. To all this I have added a generous stream of sake, I have also poured myself a small cup.

I will ask the fox spirit for strength to continue this fight and wisdom for me and for all of us. Then after sunset, I will take the sword you gave me so long ago in our yuino and patrol the streets of this place that fills my heart and breaks it. I will find these self-proclaimed “guardians” who, if not deterred from this path, may be the spark of a misguided and deadly fire that will consume us all.

May you and I be like your swords: strong and sharp. Obey the Hashimoto, as I do, and give them an outward show of respect, even if you can’t give true respect a home in your heart.

I’ll end on the lightest note I promised and say that I know that if you were here, you’d remind me: “The kitsune (fox of legend) can change your luck with just a flick of one of her tails.” May she move nine o’clock and send us the much-needed good fortune.


Overwatch is available on the platforms of Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC y Nintendo Switch.

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