Overwatch: Tracer shows all his charisma and beauty in this cosplay

Since its appearance in Overwatch, Tracer became one of the favorite characters in his community and now comes to life thanks to this magnificent cosplay.

Through his Instagram account, the cosplayer @arielpippi shared several images of his recreation. All the characteristic elements of Tracer are present; her outfit, her wild hair and, of course, his inseparable weapons with which he has helped us win many games.

Overwatch: Tracer shows all his charismatic and beauty in this cosplay

Photo: Instagram (@arielpippi)

The large community of fans of cosplay already Overwatch has not let this cosplay go unnoticed. So far, one of his most popular posts He has more than 200 Likes and many comments praising his work.

overwatch tracer recreation blixxard

Photo: Instagram (@arielpippi)

Lena Oxton (her real name) was the youngest person to be accepted into the pilot flight program of Overwatch. She was known for her cunning as a pilot, which is why she was personally chosen to test the prototype of a teleportable suit called the Slipstream.

cosplay overwatch instagram blizzard

Photo: Instagram (@arielpippi)

In other news regarding the franchise, We are still waiting for more information regarding the official launch of Overwatch 2. In this second installment there will be new game modes, new maps inspired by different cities in the world, never-before-seen heroes and improved graphics.

We leave you with its cinematic trailer so you can enjoy it and the wait does not become so eternal.

Overwatch 2 Announce Cinematic | “Zero Hour”

What did you think of this cosplay of Tracer?


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