Özil transforms: he even sings the anthem of Turkey

Mesut Özil has decided to start a new life in Turkey and he has also proposed to resume the course of his career. After a last stage full of clouds at Arsenal, sentenced in recent months to the bench in perpetuity, as Arteta was not registered in either the Premier or the Europa League, the German midfielder tries to avoid any failure. And to finish pleasing, nothing like singing the anthem of Turkey before the league matches of this country. He did it yesterday before his team Fenerbahçe’s game, at home to Göztepe, to the outrage in Germany. The newspaper image was the first to ironically about the attitude of the midfielder: “Ozil was previously unknown in his role as a great singer. On the contrary: he always kept silent about the national anthem. When the others sang, his mouth remained closed … Until now! “

Signed with great effort by Fenerbahçe, which has had to resort to the collaboration of the fans through a crowdfunding campaign through the economic contribution of traditional mobile messages to pay their high salary, Ozil does not want to take a wrong step that puts him in the spotlight. Not much less in front of his fans.

This is why after receiving the first criticism for not singing the anthem of Turkey (in the Turkish league it is customary for the anthem to sound before matches), Özil did not hesitate to correct his mistake and sing the anthem, something that in Germany has not sat too well. Taking into account, as the newspaper recalls image, that Özil never sang the German anthem.

In Germany they do not forgive Some recent statements by Özil, on the same day as his presentation with Fenerbahçe, in which he recalled that he would not play in Germany or with Germany again: “When I choose a path I never go back”. Whoever was international 92 times with his native country, will score with the same 23 goals and become world champion in 2014 definitively broke relations with the German national team in 2018 following the publication of a photo of him (Özil was born in Germany, but his family is of Turkish origin) with Erdogan, the president of Turkey. Then his photo was highly criticized and Özil accused the German Football Federation of having had “a racist treatment” towards him and for not having defended him after the commotion caused by the graphic document.

Özil, who signed for Fenerbahçe for three seasons, will earn 75,000 euros a week or almost 4 million euros a year until 2024, which is far from the 400,000 euros a week (20 million a year) that he earned in the Arsenal, but which continues to place him as one of the highest paid footballers and, of course, the best of the Turkish club.

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