Ozzy Osbourne reacts to Trick Daddy’s sampled song “Crazy Train”

Ozzy Osbourne – Foto: Youtube

Despite being known as The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne She is also known for her great sense of humor. Proof of this is that the 72-year-old musician allowed himself to be filmed reacting to the single “Let’s Go” of Trick Daddy, song that samples his success “Crazy Train”.

The video in question was recorded by Andrew Watt, a producer from Los Angeles, and was immediately shared on Twitter by the rapper Lil Jon, who collaborated on the aforementioned 2004 song with Trick Daddy and Twista. In the clip, Sharon Osbourne’s husband appears in a supposed recording studio as he appears to be in awe of said single and admits “I’ve never heard this before.”

Uploading this reaction from the famous metalhead, Lil Jon wrote: “I think Ozzy is pleased. Trick Daddy, Twista and I did his classic justice.” “Crazy Train” is a track that emerges from Blizzard Of Ozz, Osbourne’s debut solo album -released in 1980-, so it is a cut that has already turned 40 years old and has marked several generations of artists thanks to its great fierceness.

For his part, Watt produced Ordinary Man, Osbourne’s most recent solo album that was released last year. And a few weeks ago he confessed that he was preparing another new album with the legendary rocker. In any case, this supposed reaction is not the British idol’s first approach to urban music, since a few months ago he collaborated with Post Malone and caused a stir among his fans and those of the New York musician.

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