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With Racing, France beats England – Rugby


With no "Crunch" at the last World Cup, French and English fought indirectly this weekend for the first day of the Champions Cup. Racing 92, winner Sunday of Saracens (30-10), defending champion, gave an honorary victory to tricolor rugby.

French clubs have won three successes over the five confrontations scheduled this weekend with their English counterparts. After the defeats at La Rochelle and LOU, respectively in front of Exeter at home (12-31) and Northampton (25-14), and the successes of Stade Toulousain (25-20 at Gloucester) and Clermont (against Harlequins, 53-21), it was up to Racing 92 to change this duel in the tricolor camp. Mission accomplished with the offensive bonus.

The club Hauts-de-Seine has concluded in style this first day of the Champions Cup 2019-2020, by offering the defending champion, the Saracens, 30-10, Sunday at home. Tests of Vakatawa (9th), Thomas (25th), Russell (53rd) and Lauret (64th) were right of the English who had recovered hope with the test recorded by Lozowski (18-10, 51st). We will remember for the beauty of the gesture that of Finn Russell in favor of Racingmen. The Scottish opener used a "chistera" and two feints in the same action, the second to flatten without opposition (25-10 with the transformation of Machenaud, 54th).

If the Saracens had appeared diminished on the synthetic Paris La Defense Arena (nine major players absent including seven belonging to the finalist group of the last World Cup), the success of men Laurent Travers is not to be minimized. The Racingmen take the lead of Pool 4 before challenging the province of Munster next Saturday for the second day. It will undoubtedly be another opposition. Much more consistent.

Venice closed St Mark 's Square floods hit for third time in week | World news


Venice has closed St Mark's Square in the city suffered a third major flooding in a week, while the rest of Italy and warnings were issued in Florence and Pisa.

Venice was hit with an "acqua alta", or high water, of 150cm (5ft) on Sunday, lower than Tuesday's 187cm – the highest level in a century – but still dangerous.

"Maximum attention for today's tide," Luigi Brugnaro, who is one of the most influential people in the world.

"St Mark's Square is closed. Safety first, "he said to the sea to begin with.

With four tides above 140cm since Monday, this is the worst week for high tides in Venice since 1872 when official statistics were first produced.

Enrico Rossi, President of the South, has been published on the subject of "flood wave" on the Arno and said boards have been installed on the swollen river banks in Pisa "a precautionary measure".

Italian media showed paratroopers helping to bolster river defenses in Pisa, with authorities monitoring the same river in Florence.

Arno flooding devastated Florence Renaissance in 1966, killing about 100 people and destroying thousands of priceless works of art. Civil protection units in Florence. Arno's river banks.

The exceptionally high tides in Venice.

Emergency workers removed from St Mark's Square on Sunday, with only police visible at around midday.

The major tourist site had already been submerged by sea surges.

Churches, shops and homes have also been inundated in the city, a Unesco world heritage site.

A massive infrastructure project called Moss has been broken into, but the scandals and delays.

"We were not expecting the high waters to be so exceptionally high," said Guido Fulgenzi, who was planning to open his cafe on St Mark's Square this week.

"We're paying the prices [for the Mose project not being completed]"He said, sloshing around in his flooded kitchen and pointing to Tuesday's high-water mark on the wall.

The crisis has prompted the government to € 20m (£ 17m) in funds to tackle the devastation.

The culture minister, Dario Franceschini, has warned the task of repairing the city, will be huge.

Residents whose houses are eligible for up to € 5,000 in euros, can buy up to € 20,000 and apply for more later.

Most of the city's cash machines have been made more difficult for tourists and tourists.

Older residents who remember the infamous acqua alta of 1966, when the water rose to a level of 1.94m, say they have not seen such frequent flooding before.

Hotels, London, United States, after the spread of Venice underwater.

Tuesday's high water submerged around 80% of the city, officials said.

Many, including Venice's mayor, have blamed the disaster on global warming and warned that the country's prone to natural disasters must wake up to the risks posed by ever more volatile seasons.

The Serenissima, is home to 50,000 residents but receives 36 million visitors each year.


Kosovo vs England LIVE: The most recent results and goal updates for the qualifier for the European Championship this evening


Follow live coverage as the host of Kosovo in a final Euro 2020 qualifier ahead of next summer's tournament.

England prevailed at Wembley Stadium 7-0 against Montenegro and qualified as group winners for the 202-0 European Championship. England have won six of their seven qualifying matches so far and only lost to the Czech Republic in Prague.

Kosovo has now surpassed all expectations and secured a place in the playoffs to maintain its hopes of reaching the first major national tournament. However, a 2-1 defeat by the Czech Republic means they can not finish second after defeating England today. Follow the live coverage below:

Kosovo – England 0: 1

66 minutes: Rashford has a chance to run in the back right, passing the ball past him and using his pace to get into the box. However, he holds the ball too long and Vojvoda returns to steal the ball from him and clear.

Kosovo – England 0: 1

63 minutes: chances for England! Rashford and Chilwell unite on the left to bring the defender into the box and Chilwell drops a shot. It is not strong and Sterling is able to keep him in the game after Muric has removed him from the goal. Sterling hands the ball to Kane, who hits him for the first time and rattles the goalpost.


Kosovo – England 0: 1

60 minutes: Marcus Rashford arrives for Callum Hudson-Odoi when Gareth Southgate makes his first change.

Kosovo – England 0: 1

57 minutes: Not much happens at the moment. England leans back and takes possession of Kosovo. Hudson-Odoi is given the ball and he runs into a barrel of space before he shoots from the area and sends the ball over the pole.

Kosovo – England 0: 1

54 minutes: Another corner for Kosovo is sent to the penalty area and targets Nuhiu. England wins the first header and gets the ball out of the box, but Kosovo picks him up. They keep up the pressure while the center-backs stay in the box. England holds on and a bad pass allows Chilwell to boot for a long time.

Kosovo – England 0: 1

51 minutes: Kosovo take a break and win a corner, which puts Celina in the box. Berisha shoots head on the inside post. Rrahmani tries to trap the ball, but misses the ball and the shot goes past the goal.


Kosovo – England 0: 1

48 minutes: Kololli stops Sterling from running free into the pits by taking him down and booking. England have a free kick and Alexander-Arnold places them in the penalty area. He sends it in the box and Muric sees it early. He steps forward and smothers the ball.

Kosovo – England 0: 1

Second half: England start the second half. They train the ball to the left and win a throw-in.

The teams return to the pitch, nothing has changed at halftime.


Kosovo – England 0: 1

45 minutes: England scores the first half by a single goal. Kosovo could hold its own for over thirty minutes, but after the goal he was unable to put pressure on England's four defenders.

Tyrone Mings has been challenged a few times by Nuhiu, but so good for the English center-back.

Kosovo – England 0: 1

42 minutes: A good approach game from Kosovo has failed. You bring the ball down the left and turn it right onto Hadergjonaj. Celina comes running and collects the ball and shoots, but puts it over the crossbar.

Kosovo – England 0: 1

39 minutes: The goal has given England some assurances. They slow down the pace of the game and hold on to the ball. That's until Winks gives it away and takes Nuhiu down.

Kosovo – England 0: 1

36 minutes: Kosovo quickly breaks off the right wing. Hadergjonaj gets the ball on the right side of the box and crosses it. The ball comes too close to Pope, who grabs him.


Kosovo 0 – 1 England – Winks

32 minutes: GOAL! Harry Winks scored his first goal for England with a very light finish. Oxlade-Chamberlain passes the ball to him as he comes in from the left. His first touch sends the ball into the middle of the box and he runs for it, showing one side of the ball to the keeper and then pushing past him.

Kosovo 0 – 0 England

30 minutes: Hudson-Odoi runs the ball through the box and tries to open a shooting angle. When he arrives on the right side of the area, one opens and he lets his right foot fly. Muric follows his path all the way and is ready to save when the sot comes in.

Kosovo 0 – 0 England

27 minutes: Too crazy by Kane. Sterling works his way into the box and hits a wall of blue shirts. He sees Kane running and flicking to round the defender. Kane has time to lower the ball and shoot, but instead he tries to double-bluff and steer the ball back to Sterling. Aliti does not fall for it and Kosovo shoots the ball away.

Kosovo 0 – 0 England

24 minutes: Kosovo wins a corner. The ball is delivered to the near post and Rrahmani defeats Rice and wins the header, but England has saved the spot and blocks the header before he safely gets the ball out of the box.

Rashica brings it back in. He beats one off the edge of the area, but it's an easy rescue for Pope.

Kosovo 0 – 0 England

21 minutes: Nuhiu wins a free kick when Mings brings him down illegally. It was a good fight between them two tonight. Honors also in the minute I would say.

Kosovo 0 – 0 England

18 minutes: Maguire tries a pass to Alexander-Arnold, but puts him out of the game. Kosovo is wasting possession in the English half by sending it back to the defenders. It finally comes with a crossfield past Rashica, but he puts his cross in the box out of the game.

Kosovo 0 – 0 England

15 minutes: Winks reaches for the ball with the ball. Sterling controls his run as he drifts offside and Winks makes the pass. Sterling collects the ball and looks into the box. Kane waits in the middle, but Sterling crosses to the far post, but Hudson-Odoi can not pick up the ball and Kosovo takes over.

England wins the ball back quickly. Chilwell gets in and crosses to Kane. He has no shot and gives the ball to Sterling, who shoots and Muric dives to his left to make a good save.

Game Preview:

When is it?

The start of the Fadil Vokrri Stadium will be on 17 November at 17:00 GMT.

How can I see it?

The game will be broadcast live on ITV 1. Reporting starts at 4:15 pm.

The game can be viewed online via the ITV Hub or via the ITV Hub app.

Team News

Raheem Sterling returns to the England squad for this game after not playing Montenegro after Thursday's incident with Joe Gomez.

Gomez and Liverpool team-mate Jordan Henderson have both withdrawn from the squad for this game, and Gareth Southgate could experiment as the qualification is already secured, pushing a number of fringe players to the start.


  • Kosovo 7/1
  • Draw 4/1
  • England 4/11


Kosovo really wants to bring the game to England, as was the case in September in Southampton, when Gareth Southgate got into trouble.

Since both teams in Group A are safe, it could be entertaining in Pristina. 3-2 to England is our prediction.


Charlotte Crosby and Josh Ritchie break up as the relationship breaks down


Charlotte Crosby and Josh Ritchie have split up, they confirmed.

Former star of Geordie Shore, 29, announced Sunday Instagram news in her Instagram stories by sharing a single text entry.

She admitted that the two-year relationship she had shared with the 25-year-old Love Island hunk had "collapsed" and she hoped they could "stay civil" after calling for a day.

Charlotte wrote, "Me and Josh have decided to split up, but unfortunately the relationship seems to be broken.

"In the hope that we can continue to be polite and wish him all the best for the future."

Josh has not yet commented on her breakup on his own Instagram account.

Charlotte Crosby and Josh Ritchie have split up

Charlotte's statement

The couple had contracted in August, and Charlotte had left the toon to be with Josh in Bolton.

A few days ago, she told Mirror Online how her relationship had improved with her contracting.

They even talked about having children.

The couple had talked about having children

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She had posted photos of the two in her new home and wrote, "Cheers to the next chapter, celebrating the fact that we get the keys to our little home together in 2 days.


She shared the same excerpt with her Instastory and added, "NEXT STOP BABIESSSSS."

The couple had a fiery relationship

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Tips from the editors of Showbiz

They met in February 2018, shortly after ending their tumultuous relationship with Stephen Bear.

Her relationship was documented from the beginning when he quickly appeared in The Charlotte Show program.

During the shooting, it became very heated between the beloved couples and they even split up at one point.