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How hundreds of children have been infected


The epidemic is almost certainly the fault of more than one doctor, health officials said. Lax safety rules and reuse of syringes or needles apply to city registered doctors and unregistered charlatans.

Medical waste is not disposed of safely and syringes are even recycled in the bazaar and re-sold. Unsterilized dentist's instruments, barber razors and poorly regulated blood transfusions increase the risk of spreading blood-borne diseases.

The number of new infections has now been reduced to one or two a day, but as panic disappears, health officials are wondering how to stop the spread of infection and treat those who have it.

Pakistan's AIDS program doctors admit to being overwhelmed at first. There was not enough medicine or staff to deal with the crisis. The parents complain that they do not receive medication and have to travel 20 miles from Ratodero to Larkana to get drugs.

Health officials are now denying the shortage and claiming that a clinical service for treating patients is set up from scratch. More than half of the patients receive antiretrovirals and the rest will be treated as soon as they are treated for other infections such as tuberculosis.

Yet, despite the assurances given, about 25 HIV-positive children have already died since diagnosis, in a region already affected by malnutrition and high infant mortality. AIDS treatment is at best fragmented in Pakistan, and the UN estimates that 6,400 people died from the disease last year.

Dr. Sikander Ali Memon, director of Sindh's AIDS program, said: "Not all patients have benefited from all the treatments, some people already having an infection, such as tuberculosis. When they are cured, they will begin treatment for HIV. Up to now, 600 people are taking antiretroviral drugs.

He added that a public information campaign would be conducted to try to eliminate some of the stigma associated with the infection, which many still associate with sex or drugs.


Norwich City: Daniel Farke rates Liverpool ahead of the Canary Islands Premier League prelude as Norwich City News best team in the world


RELEASED: 15:15 08. August 2019 | UPDATED: 15:15 08. August 2019

Timm Klose misses the start in the Liverpool Premier League with a hip problem Image: Paul Chesterton / Focus Images Ltd

Timm Klose misses the start in the Liverpool Premier League with a hip problem Image: Paul Chesterton / Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke insists Liverpool present the ultimate Premier League challenge for Norwich City on the opening night in Anfield.

Farke is delighted with the task, but confirms that he will be able to get away from Colney without the experienced center-back Timm Klose, who could not recover from a hip problem. Christoph Zimmermann has already been eliminated with a knee injury, leaving Grant Hanley and Ben Godfrey as his only center-back suitable for seniors.

The midfield duo Alex Tettey and Louis Thompson are next to Jürgen Klopp, while newcomer Ibrahim Amadou the European Cup holders does not come to mind.

"You can argue about that, but you're one of the best teams in the world, probably the best for me right now," he said in Colney on Thursday afternoon. "It's the toughest job that can be done, it's the first time they've been able to play after winning the Champions League title at Anfield so there will be a lot of optimism and they'll be focused."

"We know that we are the outsider and not the big favorite but we will not raise the white flag One thing I can promise is that we will be eager to be a good performer, but also with a good result.

"It is important that we have confidence from last season and now we are at a different level and we have to prove it again, the evidence is on the pitch."

"We broke all the rules last season because people told us we had to spend money and we look forward to breaking several rules this season.

Christoph Zimmermann is unavailable in central defense with a knee injury and Timm Klose, holding the midfielder is also tricky, so I hope we have Timm back in team training for the next home game. " One could compare whether Jürgen had to do with (Virgil) Van Dijk or (Joel) Matip. Alex Tettey is not available or Ibrahim Amadou. The game comes too soon. The only midfielder we have is Tom Trybull.

"Even if it were possible to stop the bus, we could not, we have to play with many offensive players, and to be successful, we have to be good and keep the ball, if we just have to defend our goal, we have to." I believe in my players and my group and we have to find a solution to be competitive. "


Bon Iver – & # 39; i, i & # 39; review


Earlier Bon Iver albums have worked through the seasons. With & # 39; i, i & # 39; Justin Vernon reaches the autumn, a time of change

"And now it could be autumn."

These were the words contained in a video for Bon Ivers fourth album "i, i". The clip revealed that each previous album is linked to a season: The breathtaking, award-winning debut "For Emma, ​​Forever Ago" was Winter; the lush, self-titled second record spring; and the glitchy, experimental "22, A Million" was summer.

And now, 12 years after it all started, Justin Vernon has reached the end of the cycle and the fourth album "i, i" takes last place at the table as Autumn.

Over the last three albums Vernon has expanded its sound palette rapidly. The ravishing, restrained folk of "For Emma, ​​Forever Ago" evolved and evolved into the rising baroque pop of the self-titled album and then evolved into a buzzing electronics of "22, a million". Each reinvention focused on Vernon's distinctive, soothing vocals, but the instrumentation varied drastically. This time, though, he decided to combine the sounds of the last three releases instead of turning everything upside down one last time. Bon Iver has put together this fourth album in an incredibly intelligent way.

The crunchy beeps and bloops that have permeated "22, A Million" are in place and correct, but they are not as obvious and overwhelming as last time. While "Jelmore" would have worked well with "22, A Million", the electronics on other cuts like "Faith" are complemented by stunning soundscapes that reflect older songs like "Holocene" and "Calgary". Meanwhile, the warming folk riffs of "Marion" are reminiscent of "For Emma" or "Re: Stacks" from the first album, but the opulent surfaces of the brass lines are reminiscent of the brass used in "Bon Iver, Bon Iver".

But it's not just the previous albums that take a look. The clanking piano and the sky-high tunes of & # 39; U (Man Like) & # 39; remember the & # 39; Blood Bank EP & # 39; (notably "babies") from 2009, while working with James Blake, "iMi", is similar to their previous "I Need A Forest Fire" team.

All three previous albums get to the point on the album "RABi", with a clever saxophone here and an Americana-spotted guitar there. It's the perfect summary of & # 39; i, i & # 39; in its entirety, with contradictory instrumental lines that blend in beautifully and transform the older sounds into something fresh and new. It also feels bittersweet. With "i, i" at the end of the album cycle, the possibility of future music by Bon Iver is uncertain.

But Vernon calms those worried about the future. As "i, i" comes to an end, Vernon sings, accompanied by tight choir singing and opulent brass, "Well, everything is fine and we are fine in every way."to which he later responds with a whispered echo "But if you wait, it will not be reversed …",

For over 12 years, the music that Justin Vernon created as Bon Iver has been constantly changing, but that does not mean the old sounds have been undone. They have been redesigned and reused and have evolved into something else – but always as convincing as the good of the past.

Tate Modern: Psychiatric reports ordered after six-year-old boy "thrown from the roof"


A teenager accused of throwing a six-year-old French boy from an observation deck at London's Tate Modern will be the subject of a psychiatric assessment before he goes to court. to be judged next year.

The 17-year-old confirmed his name, date of birth, address and British nationality at a 22-minute administrative hearing held on Thursday at the Old Bailey.

He has not yet pleaded and his lawyers have ordered psychiatric reports before doing so.

It was said in court that any trial would be two weeks old and would be held next year.

During his first court appearance in Bromley's children's court on Tuesday, it was announced at the hearing that the victim had had a brain bleed as well as fractures to the spine, arms and legs after s & # 39; 39 be shattered Sunday on a roof on the fifth floor.

The youth court heard that the boy was at the art gallery with his parents looking aside and "taking advantage of the view" when he would have been lifted and thrown overboard – an action described as being "conducted extremely quickly and in one movement".

Witnesses heard her mother shout, "My son, oh my son."

He was taken to hospital by air ambulance and is now in critical but stable condition.

A reporting restriction prohibits the identity of the victim and the defendant from being disclosed.

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The appearance took place within 24 hours of the victim's creation, which had raised more than £ 15,000.

London nurse Vicky Diplacto, whose brother was paralyzed in a similar incident abroad, said she launched GoFundMe's appeal "for the purpose of [the six-year-old boy] can receive first-rate care and support while helping her family receive the care and support they may need. "

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