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Residents of the Isle of Wight are dismayed by plans to replace the communal garden with a trash can


RESIDENTS have started a campaign to save their community garden – news reports suggest that it could be torn down and replaced with a trash can.

The residents of Jubilee Close, Freshwater, planted the garden two years ago to create a touch of color – but the Southern Housing Group (SHG) has said it needs space for a trash can.

More than 200 residents have signed a petition to save the garden, and the Freshwater Parish Council has pledged to support their campaign.

The green area was created after the residents had turned to the SHG system "Gardening Neighbors". They received £ 470 to remodel the area and added colorful roses, herbs and other potted plants that continue to bloom.

One resident, Melanie Gardner, said at the time: "The area around our homes has become messy and neglected.

"I've talked to a lot of people who have expressed an interest in doing something to improve the area.

"So many people commented on how much nicer it looks and added more flowers."

After launching the garden rescue campaign, SHG announced that it was considering an alternative solution.

Chris Harris, Executive Director of Customer Services, said: "Our residents' opinions are important to us, so we are currently working with the reviewers to see if we can move them easily so that residents can enjoy the garden and its views . "

Jay Powell sees little reason for Trump's interest rate cut in December


US Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell said on Wednesday to US legislators that he sees no reason to cut interest rates in December, although President Donald Trump again put pressure on monetary policy easing.

Speaking to the US Senate Joint Economic Committee, Powell said the current monetary stance would likely remain appropriate "as long as in-depth information about the economy broadly matches our outlook."

Powell also reminded legislators that in the event of a downturn, government spending would be an important political tool for which Congress is responsible. However, he warned that the federal deficit was "not sustainable" and could make it more difficult for Congress to act.

The remarks suggest that the central bank's outlook has not changed since its last monetary policy meeting in October, and that the Fed's interest rate setting committee is likely to leave the interest rate range unchanged at 1.5 to 1.75 per cent next December.

The Fed cut interest rates by 75 basis points this year. Powell has described the cuts in response to low inflation and trade uncertainty, which has hampered global growth and US corporate investment.

However, at its October meeting, the Fed's Open Market Committee insisted that it would pause for further changes in order to monitor economic data while awaiting cuts to take effect. The market bets on future Fed interest rates prepared by the CME Group show that investors are not expecting the Fed to change key interest rates in December.

The publication of Mr. Powell's statement hardly seemed to change that expectation, triggering only a cautious reaction on the financial markets. US Treasury yields reduced some of their past gains, while the S & P 500 stock benchmark only gained 0.1% at the end of the statement.

Mr Powell again disappointed Mr Trump, who in a speech in New York on Tuesday called on the Fed to compete more aggressively with the negative interest rates offered in Europe and Japan.

"Give me some of this money," said the president in New York. "I want something from this money. Our Federal Reserve will not let us do that. "

Asked about negative interest rates in the US on Wednesday, Powell said that "very low or negative interest rates are certainly not appropriate in the current environment" and stated that negative interest rates are better suited to low-inflation, low-growth economies.

Powell described the US economy in its eleventh year of expansion with a "still favorable" outlook.

"It has been a long, slow recovery, but it has come a long way," he added, adding that there was no reason why the expansion could not continue.

As in the past, he pointed out that persistent low unemployment encouraged people to return to work and that the highest wage increases were recorded among the lowest-paid workers.

He also suggested that working conditions could continue to improve from here. The Fed has set an explicit inflation target of 2 percent. There is no similar goal for unemployment.

"What we continue to learn is that the US economy can operate at a much lower level of unemployment than many would have thought," he said. "I am very open to the idea that we do not know exactly what the maximum employment is."

Mr. Powell also offered what a Fed Chairman is a strong warning about the country's financial condition. The US federal debt is "on an untenable path with high and rising debt," he said. "Over time, this outlook may limit the willingness or ability of fiscal policymakers to support economic activity during a downturn."

Interest rates have been declining for decades, reflecting both the increase in savings as people grow older and the success of the central bank in reducing inflation.

"The fact that interest rates are lower means we will pay less interest," he said. "That does not mean that we can ignore deficits at all."

The angry taxi driver brings over 46 pounds to the homes of their parents


A taxi driver told how he brought two blackjackers to their parents' homes when they refused to pay for the £ 46.

Cabbie Kev honked at a passing police car in Liverpool after claiming that two passengers had tried to run away after their boyfriend left.

Kev's video footage shared with his fans on social media shows the moment he interrupted police officers and said, "46 pounds on the clock and they did not pay me," says Liverpool Echo.

Kev said, "I turned around and the woman said the guy who left had the money.

"I told them at the end of the day, I have to get paid, I have to feed a family."

Kev said the two passengers searching for their missing friend finally got back into the cab but told him they could not pay until "they have some things from the store".

The taxi driver was upset that he was not paid

He said, "I did not want anything, I just wanted the money I had on the counter.

"One is finished – excuse the language"

"Then I saw a police car at the traffic light and I beeped on my horn.

"They kept driving down the street and I told them they did not pay their fare."

Then Kev and the officers took the passengers to their parents' house to get the fare owed to them.

He added, "The police were brilliant, they took them to their parents' homes and I followed them in my taxi.

"The parents eventually paid me, I can not thank the police enough for their help."

Kev, who regularly broadcasts videos in his taxi to the fans on social media, filmed the events on his mobile and uploaded them to Youtube.

Kev got his money after the police drove passengers to their parents' house

The footage shows the moment when he pressed his horn on the passing policeman and drove up to speak with an official.

In the video, Kev tells the policeman, "46 pounds on the clock and they did not pay me, they go through the shop and God knows what, there were three, but one is kidding – Excuse the language.

"I did not want to blow 'em up, but I have to feed a family, I do not want to be a grass, but I want my money."

While talking to the passengers, Kev said, "I gave you a lot of chances and you're done."

Kev said, "I was angry, I just want to make a honest living.

Kev shared the clip on Youtube

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"Sometimes, when someone is short of a pound or two, I say it's alright, but I'd have to stay outside for three or four hours to get it back.

"People do not realize that you're on the front line as a black taxi driver.

"I love this city and that's why I'm filming what I do, because I like to show what's going on as a real taxi driver in everyday life."


Napoli: PSG owners want to switch to the Serie A club


Napoli's extraordinary collapse in recent weeks could have far-reaching implications for the Azzurri, After various reports Paris Saint-Germain-owner Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) has made Aurelio De Laurentiis an offer of 560 million Euro for the 93-year-old club, who has recently made headlines because of a Players revolt against the commands of the film mogul and a cooling down of the relationship between De Laurentiis and Carlo Ancelotti,

Badge / Flag Napoli

QSI was looking for more opportunities in football and has targeted Leeds United and Romaand lost the latter when Boston became Celtic's co-owner James Pallotta took over as chairman and majority shareholder of Giallorossi.

De Laurenti is looking for a huge Napoli payday

However, De Laurentiis should campaign for a better offer for Napoli After several seasons in the Champions League and the UEFA Champions League, the team seem to be disappointed this season close Juve for the title two seasons ago,