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“It is unrealistic to think of the pursuit of Liverpool.”


Manchester City head coach Josep Guardiola, after losing to Manchester United (1: 2), said that the “townspeople” should not think at the moment about catching up with Liverpool, the leading submarine.

“Now is not the time to think about it.” We must try not to give up. There is much more to play for. We are thinking about what we should do in the next match – it is unrealistic to think about the pursuit of Liverpool. Of course, this is difficult when the opponent won 15 victories in 16 matches. They have an incredible series, and we sometimes lost points. However, our duty is that we must continue to fight, the source quotes Guardiola.

Recall that in the 16th round of the nuclear submarine Liverpool beat Bournemouth (3: 0), while Manchester City lost to United (1: 2), 14 points behind Merseyside.

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December 9 | District Council for Police and Community Relations 11


There were questions about the criminal activity in our region. The answers are best answered by our Outreach staff who are here to answer your questions. Whatever can happen in a community "in your area" can happen in yours. The officials will keep you up to date on criminal activities. Please plan to participate. Refreshments are offered.

Ireland and England: storm up to 140 km / h Sunday and Monday


Through Quentin PERCEROU, editor

This Sunday, Ireland and the West of England and Scotland are hit by strong winds. Named Atiyah by the Irish Weather Services, the storm brings strong winds and a strong swell.

The storm Atiyah flows between theIceland and the Netherlands from this Sunday to Monday morning. It generates strong winds all over Ireland as well as south-west England. They blow on average 60 and 70 km / h with possible peaks in gusts of 120 to 130 km / h and occasionally 140 to 150 km / h mainly on the west coast of Ireland (Connemara) and the mountains of southern Wales. Inland, they can rise to around 100 to 110 km / h.

The sea is disassembled on the coast at the approach of the storm with waves up to 10 meters on the coastline on the west of Ireland. of the marine submersions are possible this Sunday and walks by the sea are to be avoided!

The accumulation of rains over the entire episode, until Monday, is consistent in the County of Galway with up to 60 mm possible. It is possible that floods occur locally.

For now, Met Eireann has alerted all of the west coast of Ireland.

Consequences for Wales and England

The Wales is also subject to strong winds in the night from Sunday to Monday with significant rainfall that can locally reach 80 mm over the entire episode. It is possible that floods occur locally. Wind gusts can reach 130 to 140 km / h on the coast and 100 to 110 km / h in the land and 130 km / h in the mountains.

TheEngland is also subject to a strong wind regime in the night from Sunday to Monday, as storm Atiyah progresses to the North Sea and the Netherlands. It is Cornwall, located in the south-west of England, which will be the most affected. Winds will average between 60 and 70 km / h in the land, and gusts will reach 110 to 130 km / h in the peak.

In France, this storm causes a strong gale on the Channel coast in the night from Sunday to Monday.

AP News coming soon at 12:04 pm EST – Durham Herald Sun.


AP News coming soon at 12:04 EST Durham Herald Sun.