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Tory / SNP Punch and Judy show 50-year risk of division in Scotland


gOrdon Brown must warn the SNP and the Conservatives are locked in a non-stop "punch and Judy Show" that is wreaking havoc and could lead to a sharp 50-year division in Scotland.

The former prime minister must warn that both sides have adopted a "hard" policy – the SNP on the dumping of the pound and the conservatives on the Brexit – which will lead to an economic disaster.

Speaking at a European Union election campaign event in Glasgow on Monday, he will argue that this constitutional "trench war" suits them because "they have nothing positive to offer on the day." Other issues ".

Mr Brown fears "for the future of Scotland" and for public services if independence and Brexit continue to dominate the …


Coronation Street Trailer teases dramatic week of episodes as Rana's killer revealed


Coronation Street finally unveils the cause of the collapse of the factory roof in a dramatic week with consequences starting on Monday, May 27th.

Since March, viewers have been waiting to find out who sabotaged the roof, causing it to collapse and kill Rana Habeeb on her wedding day with Kate Connor.

Everything is revealed as secrets and lies are central, while Carla Connor's mental health continues to deteriorate as she has a psychotic episode.

The exciting teaser published by ITV confirms that someone will confess the incident on the factory roof, as his identity remains unknown.

Coronation Street will confirm who caused the collapse of the factory roof

Nick Tilsley, Peter Barlow, Gary Windass and Carla are called suspects and all appear in the trailer.

Robert Preston and Seb Franklin complete the lineup of the first suspects, but viewers are no longer sure if any of them are to blame.

Nick is involved in another web of lies when Audrey learns that her grandson is the one who stole her inheritance money.

Carla Connor suffers from a psychotic episode

Peter comforts Carla as she blames herself

The residents of Weatherfield, including Rana's brother Imran and Nick's own friend Leanne, turn to him as they wonder if he could have stood behind the damaged roof.

He has to make his own confession because he vows to tell Leanne the truth about his dubious business after kidnapping his own grandmother.

Gary is also in danger as he appears to be held hostage in dramatic scenes by Kredithai and enemy Rick Neelan.

Gary seems to have been kidnapped by Rick

Meanwhile, Carla is worried when she learns that she is suffering from a psychotic episode.

Peter is seen as he weighs Carla when she collapses, claiming she killed Rana, but is it really someone else's fault?

The Week of Consequences will finally answer the question everyone has been asking since March, but the implications and the question of whether the person will be brought to justice have yet to be confirmed.

Coronation Street will air on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Recent issues with build changes in Fortnite


Other issues have occurred with the build changes in Fortnite Battle Royale.

There have been problems with the changes in Fortnite in the past, but Epic responded quickly. In Fortnite, building is vital, and editing builds can make all the difference between losing and getting a Victory Royale.

Reddit user nemqttv has posted a video on FortniteCompetitve Subreddit that shows the problems with triangulation when using brick / brick. Players behind the wall seem to be visible, and when they aim at that player, the red crosshairs are not displayed, giving the impression that you can beat the opponent, but this is not the case. You can see the error in the following video:

Brick Triangle Edit Hitbox by FortniteCompetitive broken

Another mistake in Fortnite is that it's possible to go through a wall, even though it's the same height as another edit you can not go through. Reddit user SirDuckDee has posted the following video on Reddit showing the problem.

You can only go over one of these wall changes, even though they are exactly the same height as FortNiteBR

The content continues below the display

There are also problems with the turbo building when using a controller on the PC, as shown in the following video from u / BALLERYEAH321.

The turbo building is broken after the patch on the PC with controller and old-school key layout. from FortNiteBR

Epic responded and announced that they would investigate the issues.

Comment from the discussion TheStevieTs Comment from the discussion "You can only go over one of these wall changes, even though they are exactly the same height".

Napoli 4-1 Inter: report, evaluation and reaction as Gli Azzurri secure a comfortable victory


Napoli were in good shape as they beat Inter on Sunday night for a 4-1 win over Champions League.

It was a rather unfavorable start for both sides, but the game came to life in the 15th minute when Napoli scored the goal through Piotr Zielinski. The Polish midfielder took a decent position outside the box and released a poisonous goal in the top corner, leaving Samir Handanovic in the inter with no chance.

Roberto Gagliardini, Fabian Ruiz

Napoli dominated the game afterwards, but it took until the 60th minute until they doubled their lead. Jose Callejon fired an excellent ball from the right flank and Dries Mertens climbed highest to bring home a header.

The three points were saved ten minutes later when Fabian Ruiz scored a quick double to extend Napoli's lead to four – a lead that pretty much mirrored the pattern of the game. Mauro Icardi drew a goal for Inter from the penalty spot, but the goal was only a comfort for the Nerazzurri.


Main talking point

Despite already reaching second place Napoli will continue to want to end the season with vigor, in order to get the summer going.


They were a bit off pace in the last few weeks, but they were on their best side in this case. From the beginning, they were aggressive and clinical, giving Inter little chance to breathe. People like Zielinski, Fabian and Mertens were at times inviolable and caused in the last third with their effective combination for Inter all sorts of problems.

It was a feat to be proud of, but it is also a reminder of the performance that has kept Carlo Ancelotti's team at the same level throughout the season.

player ratings

Start XI: Carnezis (6); Malcuit (8), Albiol (6), Koulibaly (6), Ghoulam (6); Callejon (7), Allan (7), Zielinski (8), Fabian (9 *); Mertens (7), milk (6).

Substitutes: Insigne (6), Younes (6), Luperto (N / A).

Star Man – Fabian Ruiz

A truly excellent performance by Fabian, who ran the show from start to finish for Napoli on the left.

The Spaniard was the centerpiece of everything to Gli Azzurri, and his late braces were the least he deserved. Special mentions are also attributed to Zielinski and Kevin Malcuit, who also perform impressively at night.

In case you do not want to get any further


Main talking point

Inter came into the game with plenty of room for play as the Champions League qualifiers were still in equilibrium before the kick-off.

Radja Nainggolan

Unfortunately, the battle for the top 4 finish will now last until the last day of the season, as Inter was unbelievably disappointing this season. Napoli was beaten throughout the park, and when the first goal fell, it felt like the Nerazzurri would never retreat to the competition.

Atalanta's draw with Juventus means that Luciano Spalletti's team will fall back to fourth place in the final game of the season against Empoli, who is struggling to stay in Serie A.

player ratings

Start XI: Handanovic (5); D & # 39; Ambrosio (4), Skriniar (5), Miranda (4), Asamoah (4); Gagliardini (3), Brozovic (4), Politano (5), Nainggolan (5), Perisic (4); Lautaro (4).

Substitutes: Icardi (6), Vecino (5), Candreva (4).

Star Man – Milan Skriniar

It was not a great performance – it may even turn out to be average – but Skriniar deserves credit for having at least fought a bit.

He was the most consistent Inter player this season, and his recent contract renewal will relieve inter fans who feared he might be heading out this summer.

looking ahead

Napoli concludes its season with a game against Bologna next Sunday, while Inter take on relegation-prone Empoli.