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Alexa voice control is launched for LG 2019 TV


LG's 4K TVs 2019 will fulfill their comprehensive voice control promise.

LG has announced that it will introduce Amazon Alexa support for its full 2019 AI TV offer in the US this month. The update for devices in Europe and Asia should be made in the coming weeks.

As with the existing integration of LG TVs with Google Assistant, Alexa is fully integrated with the operating system of the TV so that users do not need an external Alexa device to interact with the TV through voice commands. The update will be implemented through the Alexa app on LG's ThinQ AI devices, which includes the company's complete 8K and 4K OLED and LCD TVs for this year.

The Alexa functionality you may be familiar with provides users with over 90,000 Alexa skills to ask questions, perform tasks, and easily control their voice and TV and other Alexa smart home products. LG has developed its ThinQ AI conversation speech recognition technology to enhance this experience as well.

The Korean giant has also confirmed that its 2019 OLED and selected LCD televisions will receive the promised mid-year AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit support at any time. While second-generation AirPlay media can be sent from the smartphone to the TV at the touch of a button, HomeKit allows you to control your TV via the Siri or Home app.


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Healthy dog ​​put down because owner wanted to be buried together | US news


A healthy dog ​​was put down because of her owner.

Emma, ​​a Shih Tzu mix, which euthanized two weeks after arriving at a shelter in Chesterfield County, Virginia on 8 March.

Her owner had died and wanted to be hereditary.

Staff at the shelter where they were in agreement with the executors of the hope of convincing them so they could have been adopted.

Carrie Jones, the manager of the animal services, said: "We did suggest they could sign the dog over numerous occasions because it's a dog we could easily find a home for and re-home."

According to WWBT in Richmond, Va., The dog was taken to a vet, euthanized and the ashes were placed in and returned to the woman's estate.

The process is legal in Virginia, by a law which came into force in 2014. But cemeteries have to allocate a separate part of the land for pets, and they can not be in the same niche as humans.

Other states allow pets to be buried with owners.

The shelter offered to have the dog adopted
The shelter offered to have the dog adopted

Speaking to AP, Dr Kenny Lucas said he would not do it, but admitted it was an emotional decision.

Larry Spiaggi, president of the Virginia Funeral Directors Association, said it was an abhorrent.

He told WWBT: "It's not legal to put a dog's cremated remains – or any animal – in a casket and bury them."

The state is to address the problem.

Lloyds boss called before MPs for pension payments | business


António Horta-Osório, CEO of Lloyds, was called before MPs because he was able to raise £ 419,000 per year in addition to his base salary of £ 1.3m due to executive pension payments.

The Labor and Pension Committee and the Corporate, Energy and Industry Committee headed by Frank Field and Rachel Reeves have called both the Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee of Bank Stuart Sinclair to address questions to the Board of Directors Parliament to judge summer break.

Lloyds has been a beacon of criticism of executive pension payments that critics say are little more than additional "back door" wages. British companies are increasingly under pressure to downsize and pay only the pensions offered to other employees.

Horta-Osório currently receives £ 419,000 or 33% of his basic salary in cash as a pension, while ordinary Lloyds bank employees receive a pension contribution of only 13%. Two other executives – the chief operating officer and the bank's chief financial officer – receive cash equivalent to 25% of their salary, purportedly to be used for their retirement savings.

Horta-Osório's total compensation package last year, including bonuses and other incentives, was worth more than £ 6m.

Last week, MEPs accused the bank of offering a "litany of apologies" for the gap between executive and employee pensions.

The bank was also criticized after it was reported that employees with holdings were pressured by an internal video to support the bank's salary report – including cash benefits for the company pension scheme – before the AGM last week. Field said, "Trying to turn the poor to wave through executive retirement levels for thousands of hard-working employees who have helped generate a £ 6 billion gain last year alone is doubling their own breath feverish desperation and boundless greed. "

Lloyds said the employee video in question encourages employees to vote, but refuses to push them in any direction.

Field told the bosses not to accept the handbills. "Lloyds executives could end this sad episode today: just give up," he said.

Rachel Reeves described the pension payments given to the head of Lloyd's as "the most recent example of a harmful history for the British business – there is one rule for the bosses, another for the workers".

Lloyds, however, asserted himself at the annual general meeting of the bank. The chairman, Lord Blackwell, said Horta-Osório's £ 6.3 million wage package was justified, having worked hard since the 2008 financial crisis to get the bank moving again.

"There are not many people who do the tedious hours and tasks our executives take on for free," Blackwell said.

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His comments angered the Affinity union, which represents about a third of the bank's 75,000 employees. "To say that they have earned their millions of pounds of parcels because of their busy working hours is a kick in the teeth for ordinary employees who work just as hard for a fraction of the salary," it said.

At the beginning of this year, Lloyds cut Horta-Osório's pension payments by 46% of his salary. At his request, part of his pension, which is linked to his final salary, was also limited, although this move cost Horta-Osório only £ 3,000.

His pension, at 33% of the base salary, is still well above the target of 25% set by the Investment Association, an influential group of investors. The United Kingdom's new Corporate Governance Code also provides for pension payments to be in line with other employees.

Did Allison Mack try to win Alaina Huffman as Castmate on NXIVM Sex Cult?


Allison Mack is a former Smallville Castmate Alaina Huffman claimed that the actor had invited her to a series of meetings that highlighted the sex cult of NXIVM while they were making the WB superhero series. Mack is currently facing multiple sexual and sexual assaults, including being charged with her role as a "slave master" in Keith Raniere's cult.

Huffman, who participated Smallville as Dinah Lance / Black Canary told in 2008 Weekly She regularly shot Mack's invitations because she was so busy with her own family.

"Interestingly enough, when I looked back, I was invited to several meetings, and because I had two small children at the time, I never really had the time and our appointments were never really on the program, so I was never there. She said on Tuesday. "Honestly, there has always been something special."

Huffman's intuition proved right after Mack was arrested in 2018 for her involvement in the secret sex cult. The actress said she was "not surprised, but I was shocked" when she first heard about Mack's charges.

"I said, oh my god! Oh, that makes sense, "she continued," It was just a feeling, and I said, 'No, I'm good,' and stayed away. I do not know if that's because I had my own village, was not very vulnerable or vulnerable. I had a great group of friends when I was married and had my children. "

The supernatural Star noticed she could "see" the pull of women blindly attending anything Mack invited. "Here was this successful young woman, who led a great life, and it was fascinating. I can see where people got hired, "she said.

Mack pleaded guilty to allegations of her reign in Raniere's sex-cult pyramid scheme, in which women were enslaved, branded, and attacked after being lured into the group under the guise of NXIVM as a self-help and development group.

"In the meantime, I believed that Keith Raniere intended to help people, and I was wrong," Mack said during a April hearing, "I have to take full responsibility for my behavior, so I plead guilty today am and as a result will be a better person. "

In the meantime, Raniere, charged with child exploitation, child pornography, sexual trafficking and conspiracy, has maintained his innocence claims and has not pleaded guilty to any charges.