Paige Turley of Love Island “cheats Lewis Capaldi with her best friend”

Promising Love Island Paige Turley is already confusing her name before the new series even begins when friends sold her as a tempting cheating amid accusations that she was having an affair when she dated pop star Lewis Capaldi.

The 22-year-old blonde Scottish contestant is among the first competitors in the line-up of the first ever winter series of the hit ITV show – but her past love choices are already coming back to haunt her.

Paige has surpassed the star on the Lewis charts for over a year after discovering a romance in college – but according to loose friends, the aspiring reality star has cheated on Lewis, 23, with one of his best friends.

Sources claim that Paige cheated on Lewis by making friends with her 26-year-old partner Garry Greig, prompting her to download Lewis and embark on a love affair with her fellow singer-songwriter.

Scottish stunner Paige Turley is one of Love Island 2020’s competitors

“Paige pretends to be a good girl, but a few months after meeting Lewis, she was cheating on one of her best friends, Garry,” a source told The Sun on Sunday.

“All three were touring the music circuit of the time and Paige had dated Garry before he started seeing Lewis. He knew they had a story. But he had no idea that Paige saw Garry while they were together and, as far as we know, he still does not, “says the source.

“Lewis loved Paige and, at that time, he would do anything for her … He really thought they had a future. This will be a real turning point for him when he finds out, ”says the source.

Paige had a love affair with Garry Greig before, during and after his love affair with Lewis

Garry Greig is reportedly one of Lewis’ closest friends

Lewis’ number one hit, Someone You Loved, is believed to have been inspired by his love story doomed with Paige.

Paige and Garry (who once auditioned for The X Factor in 2010) are believed to have come out in 2015 – but then Paige switched to Lewis.

So he is said to have rekindled his love affair with Garry while still dating Lewis.

Lewis Capaldi is believed to have written of his breakup with Paige in his top-notch music

The couple reunited in 2015, separated, then reunited, then split again

Paige herself flirted with Simon Cowell’s music and talent shows after participating in Got Talent in Britain in 2012.

He is now looking for love on Love Island – which will be launched on ITV2 tonight at 9:00 pm.

While Lewis has remained true to the inspiration for his music, he has confirmed that his heartfelt songs are inspired by the collapse of a relationship.

The star at the top of the Lewis rankings is one of the most suitable bachelors in the United Kingdom: it has wealth and success

Paige is looking for new love stories on Love Island

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Winter Love Island

“I met a lady. She was very kind. I loved her. I loved the way he looked and I loved the way he spoke, “he said earlier.

“We went out for a year and a half, then he left me. Then I wrote an album about it and I still think about it every day, “he added.

Love Island will launch on ITV2 this evening at 9:00 pm.


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