Pare Manyanet reviews protocols and applauds the technician who denounced the parish priest in Barcelona

  • Pare Manyanet school announces that it will review its child protection protocols

The Congregation of the Children of the Holy Family has shown for the first time its IT support to which he filed after report a parish priest who had child porn on his computer, while school Ready Manyanet has announced that it will review its child protection protocols.

In a statement, this congregation, which initially reproached the computer scientist who attacked the privacy, privacy and image of the religious “in an unfair and unjustified manner”, now shows its support, validates and applauds the performance of that technician when reporting the facts , “since he has watched over the rights of minors and the educational community“.

The Mossos d’Esquadra detained the 63-year-old parish priest on March 17, whom the head of the court of instruction number 7 of Barcelona has agreed as a precautionary measure to prohibit him from participating in any type of activities with minors.

According to the congregation, which is responsible for both Jesús, Maria i Josep School -known as Pare Manyanet- of Sant Andreu de Barcelona and of the adjoining parish of which the detainee, the parish priest, was rector He is not a teacher, an employee, or a member of the educational community.

After the Mossos d’Esquadra detained the parish priest, the congregation opened a file to the religious -which was removed from his duties- but also at the computer technician who found the files of child pornography -supposedly downloaded from the internet- on his computer, which he left for repair.

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Once the file to the technician has been closed, without anyone having denounced that it violated their privacy, the Congregation of the Children of the Holy Family has shown for the first time in public its support for the computer scientist, whom the religious school ordered after Easter to work from home, as a precautionary measure, in order to “avoid uncomfortable situations.”


As the congregation now maintains, in the computer scientist’s history – that when the center told him on April 13 that he could return to work in person at the school, he no longer returned, because he was on sick leave – he did not count no disciplinary incident.

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The Ministry of Education announced on April 28 that it was collecting all the data on the opening of the information file to the computer, to study it and decide how to act on this situation.

However, according to the statement sent this Tuesday by the congregation, the Pare Manyanet school in Sant Andreu is following the Education protocol for these cases and applies the general code of professional conduct and its internal security regulations.


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