TThe pediatrician said, "When we are children, the body makes brain cells. This implies higher requirements for protein and essential fatty acids. The body does not produce them, it must be introduced via animal proteins.

"We are talking here about stunting and psychomotor retardation, undernutrition, severe anemia. Some developments must be made at a specific time of life and if they are not, it is irreversible. "

PETA's Dawn Carr said, "What a load of ignorant cod!" Nutritionists in the NHS confirm that if a meat and dairy diet is what strikes people in adulthood – because it can cause hardened arteries that cause cerebrovascular accidents, brain aneurysms and heart attacks – a well-planned vegan diet is ideal for babies and children.

"Children, including mine, have a balanced vegan diet, but as with any diet, it's up to parents to make sure their child gets all the nutrients they need, and yes, it's easier to achieve with a vibrant vegan diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and legumes. "

Heather Russell, dietician at the Vegan Society, said, "Nutritional planning is important for everyone, not just for vegans. It is possible to provide all the nutrients necessary for growth and development without animal products. "