Parker whips ‘scandalous’ decision over Fulham duel | sports

LONDON (AP) – Fulham coach Scott Parker lashed out at the Premier League on Tuesday for rescheduling his team’s game against Tottenham with just two days’ notice, calling the decision “scandalous.”

Tottenham were scheduled to face Aston Villa on Wednesday, but the engagement was postponed on Monday at Villa’s request as 10 of their players tested positive for the coronavirus last week.

The Premier League simultaneously announced that Tottenham will face Fulham that same night. The match had initially been scheduled for December 30, but was postponed by a COVID-19 outbreak in the ranks of Fulham.

Parker indicated that the possibility that his team, second to last in the English league, could end up facing Tottenham on Wednesday had been probed over the weekend, but that they did not know the final decision until Monday morning.

“I’m not someone who normally comes out to complain or complain because I understand this difficult situation and this is what it is, but what they have done to us (is unfair),” Parker said.

“To confirm a Premier League game – this is the Premier League, one of the best leagues in the world, one of the best leagues in the world – at 9.30am on Monday is a scandalous thing, being frank with you. The complaint is not about the calendar. The schedule is fine. I accept that you have to play. But it is the moment of the warning, “he said.

Fulham played Queens Park Rangers in the FA Cup on Saturday – a game that ended after extra time, with Fulham winning 2-0. Parker pointed out that his line-up for that game could have been another one had the match against Tottenham been confirmed. He added that it would also have modified the workload in training.

“We put our players to work over the weekend, thinking they would have six or seven days until the next game and that suddenly changed on Monday,” Parker said. “It’s crazy.”

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