Passengers smoke after Dublin airport after being served “the worst Guinness in human history”

Ireland may be the cradle of Guinness, but an airline passenger crashed one of the country’s main airports after receiving a truly terrible pint.

Travelers over the pond on the Emerald Isle may expect to be served by the best Guinness on the planet, but a thirsty visitor was disappointed after receiving a pint of stuff with a huge head.

The images show what in Ireland is known as “Bishop’s Head” or Bishop’s Collar “- a pint that has been pulled all at once which results in a head that is far too thick.

Typically, the head on a pint of Guinness should be between 18 and 20 mm. The foam on the abomination pictured occupies almost a third of the glass.

The photo of the drink was shared on Instagram, wondering if the offensive pint was really the worst ever served.

They said, “Is this the worst Guinness in human history?

“Shame, Dublin airport, shame.”

The bad pint was considered a “crime against Guinness”, with one person saying, “Anyone who served this should be fired immediately!”

Another wrote: “This pint would keep me awake at night if one of my staff members served such a pint to a customer.”

How to pour a pint of Guinness

A pint of Guinness

Make sure you have the correct glass, typically a tulip-shaped glass.

Next you need to get a good 45 degree angle.

Pull the tap back to the bottom and fill the 4/5 of the pint.

So you have to let it sit for two minutes – that’s critical.

After 120 seconds fill the rest by pushing the tap forward – draw circles on the pint to spread it evenly.

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