A pastor in Ely, England, says that he was detained by his janitorial job at a primary school because of a tweet in which he stated that Christians should not sponsor or attend any pride events and that such festivities are inappropriate for children.

Keith Waters, 53, a pastor of the New Connexions Church in Ely, announced a status similar to that of US Catholic leader Thomas Tobin on June 1, but he has replaced the word "Catholics" with "Christians."

"A reminder that Christians should not support or participate in LGBTQ events in June, the" Pride Month ". They promote a culture and promote activities that run counter to Christian faith and Christian morality. They are especially harmful to children, "he wrote.

However, shortly after the publication of the statement, Waters received a tweet from a journalist accusing him of attacking homosexuals. The next day, a reporter arrived at his church while preparing for the Sunday service and tried to pressure Waters to apologize.

The matter was then published in the Cambridge Evening News, provoking public hostility to the pastor.

According to Christian Concern, funeral directors came to Waters and told his wife they were there to "arrange his funeral." He was also contacted by real estate agents who said they were told he was leaving the area "in a hurry."

In addition, the false rumor was spread that Waters was a child molester. City councilors demanded that the pastor be investigated for "hatred".

Fearing for his safety and that of his family, Waters put out the mail. However, he was soon told by the Isle of Ely Primary School – where he was employed – that he was being investigated for complaints.

A complainant alleged that Waters had "demanded violence against people supporting the Ely Pride Festival," and one teacher said Waters needed to be disciplined because his tweet could be considered "extremist" by law.

When he was told that he had discredited the school and warned the headmaster that he had violated the school's Code of Conduct, Waters found he could no longer be a pastor and caretaker at primary school at the same time. He then resigned and has now decided to bring the matter to court.

"Anyone who believes in freedom of religion and opinion should be very worried about my story," he said in a statement. "This was an attack, not only against my Christian faith, but against anyone who dares to publicly question these things. The biggest concern should be that a story like mine becomes normal. "

Waters says his comments were only for Christians and specifically related to photos of pride events that illustrate that the nakedness and sexuality exhibited therein is unsuitable for children.

"You do not have to look very far … Google Pride events and you'll be taking photos of naked and sexual people," he said in a Christian Concern video that featured examples of photos from the Manchester Pride Parade.

"Children should never be exposed to nudity or sexual activity, whether gay or otherwise," Waters explained. "I am determined to fight for freedom, to say so, and believe that no one should lose or be forced by his work to defend legitimate views."

Posted by Amanda Hopkins

Excerpt from https://christiannews.net