Patch 9.1 – Broker, the new Shadowlands mega-dungeon, arrives

In the BlizzConline introduced us to the new mega-dungeon, similar to the Mechagon dungeon called Broker

In the patch, players will have the opportunity to challenge the mega-mazmorra Broker, which will take place in the commercial city Broker, populated by the Speculators. In this dungeon we will face 8 bosses, 4 in the city and another 4 while trying to flee. Among these bosses we will find … a Pirate Void Dragon!

Broker bosses

Mounts and pets

In addition to getting new equipment with an updated item level, we can get new battle pets and a new mount. The mount based on previous mega-dungeons such as Mechagon or Karazhan, we will obtain it after completing a challenge, which we still do not know, we must remember that in Karazhan it consisted of completing a series of bosses in time and in Mechagon we should not die in the entire mega -dungeon.

Recompensas Broker
Recompensas Broker


Last but not least, the weapons designed for this mega-dungeon will have a Speculator-related aesthetic. We found left hand weapons, greatswords, maces, staves, crossbows and more.

Broker Weapons
Broker Weapons

And to you, what do you think of these changes? We read you!

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