Patch 9.1 – What’s New in Torghast

In the last Blizzconline we have detailed the changes that are coming for Torghast

Blizzard Entertainment has shown us some important changes for the Tower of the Damned, which will be applied in the next patch 9.1 (Chains of Domination). One of the main mechanics, consisting of a limited number of kills per attempt, has been removed, as the Tarragrue will be called to defend Torghast in the next band: The Sanctuary of Domination.

Changes in Torghast. Source: Blizzard Entertainment.

Apart from that change, it has also been announced that we will find new plants to raid, which will be full of new enemies and traps. To be able to face all these new threats, we will also find new powers, to strengthen our champions and escape successfully. Do you think the changes introduced will be fine? We read you!

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