Path of Exile 2 premieres its official game and Gameplay trailer

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It seems that ARPG, dungeons crawlers, are slowly but surely making a comeback, as in addition to the announcement of the remastering of Diablo 2 and the future release of Diablo 4, this time we get good news from its greatest competition and that is that the trailer and a video showing the playability of the second part of Path of Exile.

Recall that (PoE) became known thanks to the mistakes made by the third installment of the license of Blizzard, causing many players who wanted an experience more attached to the genre, to migrate to the title developed by Grinding Gear Games

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Both videos (that we will leave below), show the central factors of the second partAs what kind of story we can experience, we can also see how our character develops in combat and the game world in general. Finally the dangers that await us within it.

The release date of Path of Exile It will be sometime in 2022, same year that the departure of Diablo 4, so it will be an interesting fight between two heavyweights.

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