Patty Jenkins thinks WW 1984 will not premiere this year and reveals why Pedro Pascal is the villain

Patty Jenkins is as eager as fans for Wonder Woman 1984 to hit theaters, but in an interview with Variety, He confessed that because of the pandemic it is impossible to be certain that any production will be released on time. The director revealed the possibility that the film starring Gal Gadot goes directly to streaming.

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Although the ideal for her, the studio and the fans is that the film reaches theaters, with the global health situation there is nothing certain, the conditions are not yet safe and the filmmaker is not convinced that it can release or not in theaters on December 25, and expressed how frustrating the delays have been from an industry perspective. He noted that he spent three years creating Wonder Woman 1984 and now you can’t deliver it to the public:

It is incredibly surreal. The biggest surreality about this is what an adventure is supposed to be, right? You sign the movie, you write the movie, you direct the movie, you make the movie, the movie comes out, and you move on. I spent three years doing one thing, seven days a week, and then it just came out of nowhere. There is no evidence of that (the job). I don’t think anyone can trust anything at the moment. We simply do not know what the course of COVID will be like.

Despite not feeling entirely optimistic, Jenkins (Monster: Serial Killer – 82%, Exposed, 2015; Wonder Woman – 92%) spoke with enthusiasm about the character and performance of the Chilean actor Pedro Pascal. In Wonder Woman 1984, the interpreter is one of the main villains, Maxwell Lord, who in the heroine comics is a formidable antagonist, hence such a large role could not be left to just anyone. Patty Jenkins has revealed what she saw in him and why she considered him perfect for the role.

Pedro has opened the doors of Hollywood in a big way. His talent has been demonstrated in various productions that seem to have nothing between them. His characters have developed between series like Narcos – 78% y Game of Thrones – 96%, going through The Mandalorian – 90% to get to this highly anticipated movie from the DC universe:

He continually amazes me so much when everyone considers him such a serious guy. I have to say that Pedro is one of the most attractive people I have ever met. He instantly becomes someone who everyone invites and you want to be around and with whom you want to talk. I worked with him, so I met him. I didn’t need him to prove anything to me. I loved the idea of ​​him, and I thought it would be something unexpected, because he does not give the appearance of the ‘villain’.

Jenkins It is not the only one who has such good references from the actor. In the same interview he conducted Variety, director Jon Favreau spoke of the talent that Pascal has and the charm he has, comparing him to a classic movie star and therefore agreed to allow the character of the Star Wars series to remain anonymous while the actor fulfilled his multiple occupations before I can film The Mandalorian:

It gives the feeling of a classic movie star for its charm and delivery. And he is someone who takes his trade very seriously.

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Own Pedro revealed how he prepared for his character in Wonder Woman 1984. He gave himself the task of recreating several comics in which Maxell Lord appeared and was making sketches of how he perceived the character.

According to the article, the images of the doodles of Pascal They are amazing, there is one in which Max wears a suit and an elegant smile, has several burnt holes, even through the eye of the character. Another page shows Max surrounded by circles of text in which Pascal had written, over and over and over again in tiny letters, ‘You are a fucking piece of shit.

From the statements made by those who have worked alongside him, it is clear that the actor’s career is just beginning and his future is quite promising; one in which his roles go beyond being the Latino gang member, the proof is his next film with Nicolas Cage The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent.

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