Paul Scholes asked if Zinedine Zidane was the man to replace Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

Mourinho was under pressure most of the season, with the Red Devils falling eighth, 18 points behind leaders Manchester City.

Zidane was considered as a possible substitute for the Portuguese since he resigned as Real Madrid boss, shortly after he won the Champions League for the fourth time with the club.

But Scholes is not convinced that the Frenchman is the final answer to the problems of Manchester United and fears that he could fight just like Mourinho.

Paul Scholes is not sure if Zinedine Zidane is the right man to replace Jose Mourinho

"Is Zidane the right man?" Scholes said BT sports ,

"He went to Real Madrid, where there was already a group of finished winners.

Zidane has not had a job since leaving Real Madrid at the end of the season

"This is a completely different job: he needs to restore confidence in a team that is not doing well.

"He had gone to Real Madrid with so many great players, it was still difficult, but this would be a complete rebuilding."

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