Peasants, uninsured and worried about weather changes

Peasants in this area are concerned about the climatic conditions that exist and because they lack the support of any insurance that at some point will serve as support in case the crops are affected by natural phenomena, reported the representative of the peasant group Consuc, Israel Garzón.

This year and last they are atypical, especially in the climate issue, there were frosts and that affected production, especially of small producers who do not have insurance, this is an issue that they will be exposing to the state governor Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta, to see how they will cover this gap.

He mentioned that crops such as corn and beansThey do have insurance, but other types of planting lack that benefit and in many cases they have to be paid by the producers and it is a bit expensive, that is why they will be looking for financing so that the producers do not have economic losses.

As an example, he mentioned that in December there were frosts that affected tomato crops and this type of economic damage must be prevented, because climate change has already arrived and is affecting, that is why they are looking for financing so that farmers do not have economic losses.

Due to the climate change, he said that they are making new work plans, increasing production, improving systems and seeds, in some cases these are resistant to climate changes, and surely in a few years they will have to change crop dates, because the rains are early and in others it is delayed.

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The field conditions are not the best, example, producing a hectare of corn costs between 12 and 13 thousand pesos From this surface they obtain between four tons and five tons and if each ton costs five thousand pesos, the peasant obtains an average of 20 thousand pesos, of these, seven thousand pesos are useful for a year, they receive little money, when a kilo of tortilla costs around 13 pesos.

If the final consumer gives a final value to the product, which is the tortilla, he is earning 300 times more, while the producer who takes the risk and who is working every day has a lower profit, that is why they seek as an organization , give added value to the final product.

The representative of ConsucHe added that prices may vary because they are handled by international prices, that is why what they are asking the federal government is to apply the program it has through which it is going to buy the harvest from the peasants and they will have a surcharge, that is why they seek that governments in the region of Tehuacan they buy the corn production at 5.50 per kilo, so that the producer comes out better off and in this way they have an added value by improving the final price for the benefit of the producer.

He explained that the coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected Mexico, but the peasants have not stopped working the land, they are about to start the sowing cycle this March and they are preparing because with a pandemic and without a pandemic, the people of Mexico have to eat.

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That is why they are going to plan, are working with the state government on some programs, on the crops that will be had and especially see what refers to credit in machinery.

He insisted that with a pandemic and without a pandemic they have to work the land and seek support for the peasants.



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