Pedro Pascal: The Man in the Steel Suit from Star Wars


Beneath that helmet that hides his gaze and camouflages his feelings, that vital survivor has traveled beyond all galaxies.

January 12, 2021

Pedro Pascal, the Chilean actor who inhabits Baskar’s armor like a second skin, but behind that surface appears one of the most unexpected heroes of the franchise ‘Star Wars’ and the protagonist of the great success of the new Disney + platform: ‘The Mandalorian’.

Beyond the fact that El Niño is the true star, that creature renamed Baby Yoda by the fans, it is Din Djarin who managed to be its tireless guardian. Also an orphan, a traveler to the galaxies, a fearless bounty hunter, and faithful to the mandates of his adopted tribe, Mando forged his courage with the strength of his armor. Pedro Pascal achieved an accurate and magnetic composition, affirmed in the charisma that he projects with his mere presence, with the echo of his voice, with the constancy of his due pilgrimage.

Pascal had already been a pilgrim in his own history. Together with his family he had to leave Chile during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, and at the age of four he was already a spectator of Richard Donner’s ‘Superman’. The city of San Antonio became the perfect setting for those periodic trips to the cinema, for the entrance to the popular culture of the United States.

Emerged from the New York theater at a time when the discovery of his vocation, Pascal went through the cast ofGame of Thrones’ before landing one of the main roles in the Netflix series ‘Narcos’, which was the one that opened the doors of Hollywood to him. The protagonist of ‘The Mandalorian’ could not imagine then that time would take him back to the universe of DC Comics, now as Maxwell Lord, whose character is the oil businessman in the conquest of his most dangerous desires in the new ‘Wonder Woman 1984 ‘. The rest is history; his time of uncertainty on the streets of New York, looking for small roles, was crowned with the triumph of his performance.

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