Alfred (Jack Bannon) has a hard time Pennyworth so far. His girlfriend Esme (Emma Corrin) was kidnapped at the premiere and murdered in the episode of last Sunday. Of course, our eponymous hero is still stumbling from the shocking sequence of events.

The police told Alfred that it was a robbery, but that's a lot of bad luck, just a coincidence. Ripper (Danny Webb) points out what Alfred should have realized: Esme did not have any enemies, but the future butler has done some since he met her. As soon as Ripper implies that there is someone who would hate Alfred so much that he wants to make him suffer rather than kill him, you can see the wheels spinning in Alfred's head.

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It looks like he knows who his man is. The question remains, what will Alfred do with the information? The best guess is that it will be a close combat and a lot of blood.

Pennyworth goes on sundays at 9 / 8c on Epix.

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