Last month. Liverpool fans were again optimistic in the Premier League title race after rap star Drake posed for pictures on his UK tour with Sergio Aguero.

For years, "The Curse Of Drake" has been rumored in social media.

Basically, when the Canadian musician meets someone doing sports, this person or team will experience a series of unfortunate events.

From the Kentucky basketball team, which has not won a title since 2012, to the Toronto Raptors, who have not reached a final in years – there are many examples of this and this weekend was no different.

That same week, Drake posed for pictures during his London concert with Arsenal striker Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. The Gabonese international could not find the net, as the team of Unai Emery was defeated 1-0.

Drake also met Borussia Dortmund's sensation Jadon Sancho on his UK tour and the German side faced Bayern Munich 5-0 on the weekend.

This is going to be weird …

Want more examples of The Drake Curse? Okay, let's go.

Drake went out with Conor McGregor for his UFC 229 fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, and that ended with the Irishman's submission.

Some college football fans accused the 32-year-old as a joke for Alabama's defeat by Clemson in January after Drake wore an Alabama hoodie under construction.

He was also named as the main factor in the shock defeats of the Golden State Warriors and Serena Williams.


Jack Kenmare

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