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They try to "steal my weed," said the police caller

One man who called 999 to report that someone had tried to steal his drugs was named the "Call of the Week".

Thames Valley Police officials in Buckinghamshire said the caller dialed 999 and said, "Hello, people are trying to steal my weed."

"It's not a call we should make to our 101 or 999 telephone lines, especially if we report stealing your drugs," the officials said.

Dozens answered Facebook and described the caller as a "village idiot".

One person wrote: "You can not fix stupid".

Another said it sounded like the caller had "sampled a good deal" [of the drug] even".

A Thames Valley police officer said the 999 call was from the Aylesbury area.

"The officers searched for the caller, but he was no longer at the scene, so no further action was taken," he added.

In the winking Facebook post – in addition to the serious news about the abuse of Service 101 and 999 – the officers agreed with the complainant of the weed theft "Call of the Week" and added the hashtag #everyvillagehasone.