People go out to recreate in popular London park amid national lockdown

Despite the national confinement in England, hundreds of people gathered in one of the busiest parks in the English capital, London.

Regent’s Park, which covers 166 hectares, was maintained with a large flow of people who took advantage of the sunny autumn day in London.

In the United Kingdom the use of masks in open spaces is not mandatory, and it is for this reason that few citizens are seen wearing the mask.

Primrose Hill, one of Regent’s Park’s most visited attractions, was also one of the areas where visitors flocked and where the lack of social distancing and other measures imposed by the British government could be seen.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, reported that during the confinement that is supposed to end on December 2, people would be allowed to go out to the parks to recreate.

According to the mandate, you can exercise and meet in public places with a person who lives in the same house or with a friend.

Additionally, Johnson recommended minimizing outings outside the home.

Since last November 5 hundreds of shops and restaurants closed their doors during the second national lockdown lived in England since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

The only exceptions are schools and some universities that continue to provide classes face-to-face; supermarkets and pharmacies, among other essential businesses.

Restaurants and cafeterias only accept home delivery or take away orders. Eating is not allowed inside the business.

In the United Kingdom, more than one and a half million cases of coronavirus have been reported and on average 55,000 deaths from the disease.

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