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According to a study published in the specialized journal The Lancet Psychiatry, people who have gotten sick from COVID-19 and recover can develop mental illness.

After studying the medical records of 69 million people in the United States, including more than 62,000 cases of COVID-19. In this group, it was observed that 20% of them had been diagnosed for the first time with anxiety, depression or insomnia.

The group that had COVID-19 was twice as many as those with other conditions. In addition, people who had a pre-existing mental illness were 65% more likely to be diagnosed with coronavirus, according to a publication by DW that includes the study.

Mental health specialists have said that coronavirus disease can affect the brain and mind, which in turn increases the risk of psychiatric illness.

From the University of Oxford they have also studied this relationship.

Paul Harrison, a professor of psychiatry at this university, has commented that from his analysis, it is likely that survivors of COVID-19 are at higher risk of developing mental health problems. For this reason, health services should prepare to provide psychiatric care.

Harrison added that scientists and physicians have an obligation to study this relationship further to discover and treat the causes.

Michael Bloomfield, a consultant psychiatrist at University College London, told DW that this was due to stress related to the pandemic and the physical effects of the virus.

While Simon Wessely, a professor of psychiatry at King’s College London, said that people suffering from mental health disorders are also at higher risk of contracting coronavirus, something similar to what has happened with other infectious diseases.

“COVID-19 affects the central nervous system and therefore could directly increase subsequent disorders. But this research confirms that this is not the whole story and that this risk is increased by previous health problems,” Wessely said . (I)

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