Pep Guardiola gives suggestions on the talks in Man City

Pep Guardiola says he could stay in Manchester City for another three years after the end of his contract in 2021.

And he added that he will likely sit with President Khaldoon Al Mubarak in the middle, or at the end of next season, to discuss a new contract.

It has been speculated that Guardiola would leave the Blues this summer, a year before the end of his current deal, and that speech intensified after last week’s news that the Blues are facing a two-year ban on European football.

Guardiola came out with his most concrete answer to the question of whether he will stay or not.

He initially joked, with the rain constantly falling outside, that Manchester’s weather is the biggest advantage if he decides to stay past the end of his contract.

But the blues boss stressed his recent claim that not only will he stay at least until his current deal is finalized in 2021, but that whether he stays beyond that will depend on the club’s wishes and players’ reaction.

When asked why he would stay, he replied: “For the time. I have to take care of my skin, people say the sun is not good.

“Everyone is looking for him – to be happy. I am working with exceptional players, in particular, and I have the feeling that they follow us 100%, knowing how easy it is to work with us and with me.

“But I’m happy. This is the only reason why, when I go on, it’s always because I’m thinking I can be happier than the place I was before. This is the only reason.

“When I hear it, but I feel I am in a club, we have incredible owners and good relationships, so I think it will not be a problem to understand both sides if we decide to stay another three years or to stay in the time we have are together.”

And he indicated that there are already speeches in the air to stay longer.

Pep Guardiola hinted that he would sit down with President Khaldoon Al Mubarak for contractual talks next season
Pep Guardiola hinted that he would sit down with President Khaldoon Al Mubarak for contractual talks next season

“We’ll talk to Khaldoon at the end of the season or halfway through the next season and we’ll see,” he said.

He added that when it comes to his personal decision, his “happiness” was the key factor.

“I want to stay another year and then it depends,” he said. “It also depends on the results. When I said a month ago the future we will have spent five seasons together, I do not exclude it at all – if the club is happy with me and our group – to extend the contract.

“Now I want to focus on these three months, we have to make the best game possible, winning the games and having time to think.”

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Asked what the bottom line would be when he came to make his decision, he said, “My happiness. I’m looking for my happiness, that’s the only thing I’m looking for.

“The important thing is that I did not regret a second to come here and extend the contract, it is important. After the results dictate our work, there is no one different.

“Every manager is fired, every manager has problems, every manager has positive and negative moments, this is the reality now. I am no different.

“I don’t regret the decision we made together for a moment and I want to conclude this contract and we’ll see later.”


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