Pep Guardiola is open to extend his stay in Manchester City beyond 2021 | Football

Pep Guardiola has hinted that he could stay longer in Manchester City than his current contract, although the club may find himself banned from the Champions League.

The manager has an agreement that will last until the end of next season and has pledged to stay at least so long when the news of the imminent UEFA sanction arrived a week ago. When asked if he could consider further extending the contract, Guardiola did not rule out the possibility, adding that the most important thing was that he was happy in Manchester.

“I don’t know what will happen; I want to stay another year and then it depends,” he said. “By 2021, we will have spent five years together and will have to see if the club is happy to extend the contract. I’m working with exceptional players and we have incredible owners here – it wouldn’t be difficult to understand why I might want to stay another three years or more, but we’ll see at the end of the season.

“For now I want to stay focused on the next three months, we have to make the best game possible per game and after that we will have time to think.”

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Five years will be longer than Guardiola has stayed in any other club he has managed, even without a further extension, but the manager attaches great value to happiness.

“When I first moved it was because I thought I would be happier in a new job than the previous job,” he said. “The important thing is that I never regretted my decision to come here or extend my contract for a second. In addition, the results determine our work. No manager is different and every manager has positive and negative moments. I don’t regret for a moment the decision we made together. “


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