Peruvians Abroad: Christian Cueva: the assistance of the Peruvian for the 1-0 of Yeni Malatya

Updated 10/17/2020 at 10:36 AM

Christian Cueva is becoming a key piece for Yeni Malatyaspor in the start of the Turkish Super League. The midfielder entered the second stage in the match against Konyaspor and took a different course in history thanks to the assistance he provided for Zeki Yavru’s header, who made it 1-0.

The midfielder, who was a starter in the four presentations of his team in the tournament, went to the substitute bench, as this week he fulfilled the commitments agreed with the Peruvian team at the start of the Qualifiers towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup This involved a long trip and few sessions with his club.

Cueva, who had had some physical ailments that prevented him from starting against Brazil and ending the clash with Paraguay, was in better condition for this contest. Then, the national player squared in front of the ball to collect a free kick from the wing.

‘Aladino’ sent a precise cross to the first post of Konyaspor’s goal. Zeki Yavru, defender of Yeni Malatyaspor, was always in that area. The defender who joined the offensive only rose, changed the direction of the ball and beat the rival goalkeeper to sign the match 1-0 on date five.

In this way, Cueva has achieved the first assistance in the Turkish championship with the jersey of his team. Likewise, the offensive medium continues to add minutes and this time it was throughout the complementary stage.

However, the joy of the Peruvian was not complete because later Artem Kravets scored the final tie of the match. The good news for Yeni Malatyaspor is that she continues to earn units in the contest. For now they have reached five, the product of a victory and two equalities.


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