Peter Andre's acting career has been given a huge boost as he's been nominated for a Hollywood movie prize for his role in new movie The Inheritance.

Excited Peter, 46, has been shortlisted for the best actor award at the prestigious North Hollywood Film Festival.

He landed himself a lead role in The Inheritance, a short film which saw him his clean-cut image to play a down-and-out heroin addict.

They seem to have liked what they've seen.

But he said the opening of the envelope at Cinefest actually does not matter as he's just happy to be nominated.

Peter wrote on Instagram: "Wow wow wow. I've been nominated for best actor at the North Hollywood Film Festival.

"Just being nominated is EVERYTHING, nothing else needs to happen, so happy."

Peter Andre is not a career in acting

He's been nominated for a Hollywood Award – and is not fussed if he wins!

Fans went wild over the news, flooding his page with messages of congratulations and tipping him for Hollywood stardom.

One responded: "Maybe this is the start of a whole new career for you! Exciting times!"

Katie, writing: "Congratulations well deserved with all the hard work you put in! And you did not need a certain somebody to get you there as claimed!"

Katie, 40, who appears to be complaining about a complaint or distress.

Katie is in trouble again after skipping a court date to go on holiday

Katie hinted in the past that Pete needs her to have a good career

However, she sacked off the court to go on holiday with her boyfriend Kris Boyson instead,

She's been pictured doing frolicking on the beach in Thailand when she was supposed to be in court.

The charges relate to an alleged playground late outside two youngest children's primary school on September 6,2018.

District Judge Amanda Kelly said: "She has not bothered to turn up today." Apparently she has something more important to do.

"This shows a lack of respect for the whole court system."

The judge added that while it would be "tempting" to consider issuing an arrest warrant, it would refrain because the penalty for the offences is a fine.

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