The family of a loving father who was stabbed to death after an intervention in a fight yesterday said that he was "always the first to help others."

Attorney Peter Duncan, 52, was reportedly killed with a screwdriver after attempting to arrest a row of gangs as he was returning home after work. Witnesses saw him fall, holding his chest.

Young people are known to the police. One would have told Peter "had brought him".

Peter left his office five minutes away when he was attacked in front of Eldon Square Mall in Newcastle.

He went to his home five kilometers from the city.

Trader Muhammad Ali, 37, said: "The man was arguing with the gang, they tried to hit him. He looked like [he] was trying to get in the middle of a row.

Peter Duncan, a 52-year-old lawyer, was "always the first to help others"

Witness Louis Almeida works at the nearby Wagamama restaurant.

He saw a row among a group of young people and a girl a few minutes before Wednesday night's attack.

He said, "I saw a couple arguing. She turned to one of the band members and said, "You can not do that."

"The girl was touched, it looks like she was stunned early, but she recovered quickly."

Stephen Humphries, 34, a Pizza Express server nearby, said, "The boys were saying, 'He was going to get it' and 'it was happening' to him.

Peter would have left his office five minutes away when he was attacked in front of Eldon Square Mall in Newcastle

Police and paramedics ran to Peter's rescue, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

His family said, "Peter was a kind and caring man who was always the first to help others. He was a devoted father, husband, son, brother, uncle and friend. We will miss him tremendously. "

Forensic teams searched the city for evidence. Police arrested seven men – a 14-year-old man, two 15-year-olds and four 17-year-olds – on alleged killings.

Chief Superintendent Ged Noble, Northumbria Police Commander, said, "We know the people involved.

He added: "It seems like a chance meeting between the victim and his attacker, which led to an unprovoked attack.

Police raiding near Old Eldon Square, Newcastle

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"We believe that the weapon was a screwdriver."

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