Philippe Coutinho has claimed that Bayern Munich is "better known" than Liverpool.

Coutinho has completed a move from Barcelona to the German club in the summer with a purchase option and quickly settled in with Niko Kovac.

He was associated with a return to Liverpool, although some reports in the past indicated that he was not keen on choosing Merseyside before moving to Spain.

And Coutinho has now sought a subtle confrontation with his former clubs, claiming that the environment in Bavaria is more familiar than anywhere else.

Jürgen Klopp is known for being very close to and supporting his teammates and for keeping in touch with Coutinho after leaving. Therefore, his feelings towards Bayern after a few weeks a surprise.

Coutinho dug into his former clubs when he talked about life in Munich

Asked by Sky Sports in Germany whether Bayern are more "family" than his former clubs, he replied: "Definitely, that's exactly what I thought.

"Everything here is very familiar, I know that a bit from Liverpool, but here it is even more familiar.

"It was very nice, in the first few days I was shown all the facilities first, I met the teammates and of course the coaching team, I feel a little bit better every day and I am very happy."

According to Coutinho, Bayern is "more familiar" than its former clubs, including Liverpool

He praised the welcome by the fans of the Bundesliga champion.

He explained, "The fans were incredibly nice to me, it's great to feel the positive energy of them very close.

"Many children are always there, I see the charisma in their eyes and that makes me happy.

The Brazilian has settled in quickly at Bayern Munich

"I signed a lot of autographs that day, I hope I did not forget anyone, and having this contact regularly is nice."

The role of Portuguese spokesman Thiago Alcantara was important to Coutinho early on.

"He helped a lot in the first few days, especially in terms of communication," said Coutinho. "German is damn hard, but I decided to learn a bit and a few people speak Portuguese too, that's just what it has done."