Philips vs Xiaomi, who has better smart bulbs?

The smart spotlights it has become an essential technology device for any ineligent home. While there is a huge variety with many options for remote lighting control, the brands with the largest presence in the market are Xiaomi and Philips.

It is important to clarify that usually the bulbs Philips are usually twice as expensive as light bulbs released by Xiaomi, but not all models are the same. Since it is important to consider what its characteristics are before choosing the ideal smart light for a modern Smart Home.

Smart spotlights allow you to control lighting from an app. Photo: Philips

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Led light

The first factor to consider is the diode quality, since these are the main characteristic that gives value to a smart bulb. From color reproduction to quality based on lumens Of the device. An important factor present in both Xiaomi and Philips.


A smart bulb is named as such according to its connectivity improvements. Being so decisive, it is important to consider that there are two methods to connect a smart bulb: Wifi and Bluetooth. Section that Xiaomi wins, thanks to its immense variety of models compatible with internet networks.

Xiaomi has a greater variety of smart lights. Photo: Xiaomi

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Software tools

Finally, one of the factors that determine the functionality of a smart bulb is based on the amount of software systems that are compatible with the equipment. As well as the integration of services designed by third parties and others handling means.

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It goes without saying that most of the Applications they do not work the same nor are they available on each of the platforms or operating systems. What should be emphasized is that both Xiaomi and Philips have greater dynamism when using their apps from Android or iOS.


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