Labor MP Jess Phillips has said she can not wait Jeremy Corbyn if he stands down.

The Birmingham Yardley MP said Mr. Corbyn should step aside if it is not the next party.

Ms Phillips, a critic of the Labor leader in the past, said she "might" then stand to replace him if she thinks she can make a difference.

It's hard to imagine that two years earlier parliamentary colleagues pushed Mr Corbyn into applying again for his job as leader
John McDonnell has said Jeremy Corbyn's successor should be a woman

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said on Friday that Mr Corbyn will quit as a leader if he does not have a wife.

Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Ms Phillips said: "Might do, yes.

"The answer is genuinely do not know.

"What I do not want to be in. We have gone too far down that rabbit hole.

"If I stand in my life trust me, people do not trust me, it is not just because people feel connected with that.

"That's not enough, it has got to be about a plan for the future for our country.

"At that time, I would make the assessment of whether I was the best thing for the future of the country."

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One of the chances is that the next election, which could have been the end of the year, Ms Phillips said it was "not impossible" for the party.

But she asked a majority was unlikely.

"I do not think anyone will win an election," Ms Phillips said.

Jess Phillips MP

Phillips 'jumpy and worried' after receiving death threats

"It's not impossible and anything could happen.

"I could see the numbers last time and a lot of people said to me, 'see what happened last time'.

"What Happened Last Time Was the Labor Party Did not Win the Election.

'I have no faith in anything he says,' Phillips says of PM

"So, it could be the biggest party and even when I look at the polls, and I see the Tories are over-moving at the moment, I actually can not see the numbers where they're going to get the job done. Scotland.

"If it was proportional representation then the Tories would end up the biggest party, but our system is weird.

"So yes, the Labor Party could be the biggest party."