At the risk of serious hopes, fleabag The creator and lead actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge has made curious how she could pick up the character again sometime in the future.

In a detailed interview with The Hollywood reporter, the writer and the actress opened about everything fleabag and Kill Eve to write the still unnamed Bond 25,

But as far as the future is concerned, she admitted that she must tempt herself with a possible return fleabag in a few decades.

Phoebe Waller Bridge at BBC Three's Fleabag

BBC / Two Brothers Pictures Ltd.

Connected: fleabag becomes with Phoebe Waller Bridge after her & # 39; last series & # 39; return, but not on TV

"When I'm 50, maybe when you know a life has been lived and it's a different face looking over the barrel," she said.

However, she does assume that people are free from the enthusiasm that surrounds the show, adding, "People are getting over the shit, if something is not going well, you'll get over it, everyone will get over it if something goes well. " we'll all get over it, too. "

"We need things that remind us that we are still alive."

Phoebe Waller Bridge in the Fleabag Finale

Two brothers / Luke VarleyBBC

Also during the interview, Waller-Bridge admitted that their satisfied fans are still hungry for more fleabagAfter finding a disappointed moan when she told the audience during a screening that she was definitely done with the show.

"I'd rather that than the other way round," she laughed. "& # 39;Finish it! Please, finish it!"No, I love the sound that people make. But I can really say that it was. "

fleabag is available as a box set on the BBC iPlayer.

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