Phoenix offices and multifamily markets are among the greenest cities in the United States, according to the sixth annual report. Green building adoption index and first multi-family sustainable building adoption index by CBRE, University of Maastricht and the University of Guelph, ranking 18th and 12th respectively.

Phoenix office space has become greener over the past year: 31.5% of its spaces are now green certified, compared with 28.38% the previous year, which is enough to increase by four places. The market ranked 12th in the first multifamily index with 9,580 green apartments, representing 3.3% of the institutional market.

The Green Building Index of 2019 found that environmentally certified office space in the 30 largest US markets was 42.2%, up 41.9% last year, a new high.

For the third consecutive year, Chicago has risen to the top of the greenest cities in the Green Building Adoption Index, with 71% of its green space certified. Within the Multifamily Index, Denver tops the list with 7% of green market certified multi-family apartments, followed by Washington DC / Suburban Maryland with 6.9%.

The adoption index of multifamily ecological buildings revealed that even though it was still in its infancy, 3.3% of all multifamily apartments in the 30 largest markets were certified green.

Researchers from CBRE, the University of Maastricht and the University of Guelph, in partnership with the National Council of Multi-Family Housing, also note that building certification has become a more recognized and important part of a community's profile. building on the US capital markets. Recent research shows this commercial mortgages backed by environmentally certified office buildings have significantly lower default ratesThis implies that it may be advantageous for lenders to take into account the energy performance and sustainability of buildings in the pricing of home loans.

This is the sixth publication of the annual green building adoption index and the very first adoption index for green multi-family buildings. Based on a rigorous methodology, the Green Building Adoption Index indicates the growth of ENERGY STAR and LEED certified spaces for the 30 largest office markets in the United States, both globally and in individual markets, since 2005.

The Multi-Family Green Building Adoption Index shows the total number of ENERGY STAR, LEED and National Green Building Standard spaces for the 30 largest multi-family markets in the United States. See the findings of the Office Green Building Adoption Index RIGHT HERE and the multifamily index RIGHT HERE.