(PHOTO) Barcelona SC player was injured due to referee error

Barcelona SC began the second half of the match against Deportivo Cuenca on date 7 of the LigaPro that is being played at the Alejandro Serrano Aguilar Stadium in the city of Cuenca. The “fraud” was directly affected by referee errors in the first half.

Barcelona started the second half with all its offensive power to try to tie the game in the first minutes of the second half and not lose the unbeaten of 10 games that it has not known defeat; However, Fabin Bustos’ team was compelled and demanded to make changes due to arbitration errors.

The injury of Leonel Quionez in the penalty not charged to Barcelona SC

During the 28th minute of play in the first half, thanks to the persistent attacks by Barcelona SC, a controversial move was made for Barcelona SC. In a play that began from the middle of the court at the feet of Emmanuel Martnez, a very clear foul was made against Leonel Quionez inside the area.

The penalty was not charged by referee Guillermo Guerrero after Deportivo Cuenca player Godoy committed an iron on player Leonel Quionez. In the second half, a product of Godoy’s plank, Leonel Quionez had to be removed from the field of play due to discomfort in his left leg. Michael Hoyos has the possibility of showing himself to be a starter in Barcelona.

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The errors that harm Barcelona continue Why are there so many arbitration errors?

The game continued with several attacks from Barcelona looking for the goal in the head of Carlos Garcs; however, in a center carried out by Damin Daz, the first arbitration error by the central judge, Guillermo Guerrero, was presented. A clear hand from Denilson Bolaos with the action of clearing was not charged by the referee, damaging Barcelona.

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