PHOTO | Meghan Markle would be pregnant and alone in Mexico

They say that things are not going well between Meghan Markle and the Prince harry. So at least it ensures the Australian magazine New Idea.

The publication gives an account of a series of events that would have motivated the actress to escape to Mexico for a few days, to spend time alone.


The first of them would have been a strong fight with the youngest son of Diana of Wales for the elections in the United States. “Meghan felt very convinced of the elections and wanted to talk”said an insider.

As he could not do it, the brunette would have got angry and called a friend with a private jet, to travel to the Aztec country.

Also, Harry would be upset because you are not comfortable with your new life away from your family and with the latest events, such as that both his father Carlos and his brother William were with coronavirus.

The whole line to the throne was in trouble and he wasn’t there. She is also concerned that Archie hasn’t seen his grandfather or cousins ​​in a year. He is worried about his son and now about his new baby », they indicated in New Idea.

What new baby? The one Meghan was supposed to be waiting for and that it was revealed due to a paparazzi where he appears touching his guatita.

A mess that the official royal sources have not talked about at all. But yes some friends, who commented to the same Australian media that “They hope that the time they spend apart will give the prince the opportunity to reassess whether giving up his life as a member of the greater royalty was a good decision.”

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