(PHOTO) The three official Barcelona SC jerseys, one was indirectly to Liga de Quito

Barcelona SC, get everything ready for the 2021 season. With the arrival of Javier Mascherano to Guayaquil, the new club apparel was presented. In total 3 kits were presented. The traditional yellow, which does not really have much difference, has changes in the neck, they opted for a V-shaped design, in addition there are lighter yellow stripes and other darker ones.

The second kit, we already knew it, is the fuchsia shirt, which Barcelona SC, used in friendly matches. The shirt was not much to the liking, of the fans of the idol. On previous occasions, the away kit was generally black, as it is more representative for Barcelona SC.

The third kit is the one that caused the most furor. First, because it is white, which in our country is directly associated with Liga de Quito. And second, because its design is different from the two mentioned above. The details in gold drew the attention of the fans, who classify it as one of the best alternate shirts that Barcelona SC has made.

The shirts are already on sale, and with this everything is ready for what will be the Yellow Night 2021. There are just a few hours left and the fans are excited with everything that has been prepared for the club. Barcelona is one of the teams that best assembled for this season. We leave you the photo of the shirts.

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