Photos and videos of the impressive storm in Vladivostok

And one covered up to the nose with the tiger quilt on the Mexico City after one yellow alert… but hey, it’s not a matter of starting to compete to see who freezes first. The joke is that things in Vladivostok, a port city in eastern Russia, they are getting albino ant color after an impressive storm.

Just take a look at the Photos and the videos that are going viral all over the world.


Foto: BBC Weather


Foto: BBC Weather

Of course, not everything is so cool: this beautiful natural and frozen landscape is a true emergency. The storm hit Vladivostok on Thursday night and at the time more than 150 thousand houses and other services are without electricity.

Hospitals and respirators in health centers are working, hardly, with generators.


Foto: BBC Weather


Foto: BBC Weather

In addition to energy, journalists from the BBC they pointed out that power lines froze, the trees cluttering primary roads and emergency teams it is costing them a lot of work get to the places where they are needed.

The coolest in Vladivostok is that the situation was complicated by a strange meteorological phenomenon.


Foto: BBC Weather

It turns out that the freezing storm collided with hot airs causing literally frozen rain. This Friday, they woke up covered —Cars, streets, trees, houses, and just about everything— in a 2 centimeter layer of ice.


Foto: @WeatherSarov1

The BBC reports that things are somewhat chaotic: there are videos of a lot of people slipping, road accidents because everyone skids, slowness in public transport and covered streets that, although in the Instagram they look white, after minutes they become pure mud.

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If you want a good side it is that this will probably be over soon, the authorities of Vladivostok expect the despapaye to melt with warmer temperatures arriving next week.


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