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In a opinion column published by the Daily Mail, Piers Morgan spoke of the controversial photo that the Kardashians do not want the world to see, although since last weekend it circulated on the internet and social networks. It is an image that shows the natural, in bikini ‘animal print’ and sin filtros and Khloé Kardashian and everything seems that “that is the main problem”, according to the British journalist.

On the night of Saturday, April 3, a user of the Reddit platform published this image, in which she looked different: with a less defined waist and hips not so pronounced as in other photos that usually post. It appeared to have little or no makeup. Some users highlighted that it was a Khloé Kardashian without production, or touch-ups.

But the image disappeared almost two days later. At first, it was strange, but later, the mystery began to unravel. Those who republished it received a warning about possible legal action for using such material. By noon on Monday, April 5, it was confirmed that indeed, the clan did not want the photo to circulate more on the network and warned lawsuits, arguing that its publication was a “mistake” made by an “assistant” and that disclosing it violated ” Copyright”.

“The edited color photo of Khloé, who was overweight in the past, was taken during a private family gathering and Posted on social media without permission by an assistant’s mistake“Tracy Romulus, KKW Brands’ chief marketing officer, said in a statement quoted by Page Six.” Khloé looks beautiful, but the copyright owner (her maternal grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell) has the right to want her to an image that is not intended to be published is deleted. “


This is where much of the controversy that is now a topic on social networks is focused and which, for the journalist Piers Morgan, reflects the “fraud” and “cynicism” that involve the image and family media business.

In your column this April 7, el expresentador de ‘Good Morning Britain’ questioned that the Kardashians now want to prevent “anyone outside the family see how they really look“In a tweet promoting her text, she even challenged Khloé Kardashian by tagging her and saying:” Instead of forbidding people to use the photo of what you really look like, (you should) own her, hug her and celebrate her. That would be truly inspiring and empowering. “

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So far, the businesswoman has not responded or addressed the controversy on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The Briton describes the controversial photo of the businesswoman as a postcard in which she looks like “a normal woman with a normal appearance and a normal body shape”: ” There is no shame in that, not at all, but she got very rich pretending to be something very different and very special “.


According to him, she and the family went “crazy” once the snapshot began to circulate online. In fact, even the Daily Mail itself received a legal warning on behalf of Khloé’s grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell, who would have been the author of the disputed image: “We are Mary Jo’s lawyers. Copies of a photograph, taken by our client that shows her relative Khloé Kardashian in a private place (wearing a leopard print bikini), have been illegally posted online, without authorization. “


In her column, Morgan exposes part of what social media users are now debating around this controversy: wanting the photo removed, “exposes the falsehood surrounding the Kardashian brand. It also exposes the ridiculous hypocrisy behind it.”

“They are a group of wasteful hypocrites, greedy, starved for fame and without talent who want to have their celebrity cake and eat it, “he criticized. Morgan exposed what is in view of all: repeatedly, Khlóe Kardashian and the rest of the clan have responded to those who dare to criticize their physique In their responses, they have highlighted the pride they feel in their bodies and encourage their followers to do the same with theirs.

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So, why is this new controversy important around an image of her in a bikini and without so much production or apparent editing? The reason, according to Piers Morgan, is that “so many impressionable young men and women are striving to look what they think Kardashians look like: from recklessly starving to get the same fake waists, even paying plastic surgeons to bite them and fold their faces irreparably. “They want to resemble them based on the image that the clan has spread in their show, on their social networks and in their companies, and from where they get their millionaire economic income.

But it is not the first time that this controversial family has been involved in unedited photo controversies, published without authorization or edited on purpose to make them look different. For example, in November 2019, Khloé Kardashian was exposed by the Instagram account Celebface that often showcases misleading photo editing by some celebrities. At that time, he disclosed a comparison between two photos in which they tried to show that the businesswoman some editing fix had been made on his nose to make it look more stylized. She has maintained that she has never had surgery on that part of her face and that her nose appears thinner in some photos due to the contour.

In July 2019, the eldest of the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney, was accused on social networks of editing a photo of her posted on Instagram where she appears in a bathing suit wearing a marked abdomen while vacationing in France. In those same days, she was photographed by paparazzi and in the pictures her belly was very different from the one she presumed, opening the debate and exposing the supposed edition that he made in his publication.


That is something that, according to him, causes a “malevolent influence” in many of his followers who want to look like them from an image that, everything indicates, is not as real as it seems.

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